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  • One was a large portly fellow with a greyish beard.
  • The seeds are small, and of a dark or greyish colour.
  • Templeton Thorpe had wasted to a thin, greyish shadow.
  • The iris is of a somewhat greyish tint, sometimes traversed with brown shades.
  • The greyish rogue said to his friend, "My sister, I shall catch thee well.

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  • When he returned it was still in his hand, but there were greyish smudges all over it.
  • The stem is about two inches in diameter and covered with a rough greyish bark.
  • Upon charcoal in the flame of reduction, the bead becomes turbid and greyish colored.
  • The latter is very like it in size and color, only the head and neck are greyish black.
  • Sara watched it fall and lie on the floor in a little patch of fine, greyish powder.
  • The bead appears in the flame of reduction, and upon charcoal, of a greyish color and dull.
  • It then grew dark; but the moon came to my help, shining brightly on the greyish cliffs.
  • He held it up as he spoke, a thin scrap of greyish paper, the fly-leaf of a missal perhaps.
  • On their way down to the river, Pratt espied a greyish object sticking in a bush.
  • The sand around was strewn with greyish stones; everything was grey, grey-red or grey-yellow.
  • A very light vapour, calm and pure, greyish blue at its tip, rose straight in the air.
  • Gives off SO^{2} and becomes greyish green on surface.
  • His greatest fluency was in the use of separated hachures of rich greyish colour on neutral backgrounds.
  • In this performance he assumed the most characteristic attitudes in following the greyish smoke whose wreaths were lost in the foliage above.
  • She had a few wisps of greyish drab hair wound round a sort of steering-wheel of celluloid in the back.
  • It affords a greyish white film, which disappears with a crimson flame when submitted to the reducing flame.
  • A bead containing sufficient of the acid to render it spontaneously opaque on cooling, has a greyish color.
  • The addition of tin renders the bead greyish while cooling, but a continued blast renders it transparent.
  • The noise and the greyish vapour were nothings out in that vast veldt, but they meant the exit of a man from the troublous scene.
  • It is extremely difficult to cultivate, and forms flat, small greyish colonies of irregular outline.
  • But the most striking point about him was his eyes; they were of a light or greyish blue, transparent, and shining like precious stones.
  • On the rough tables soldiers put platters of a sticky, greyish soup; a smell of burnt grease floated in the air.
  • The cup-washings, as they arrive at the store, represent a very dilute latex, the rubber from which is generally of a greyish colour.
  • In eight or ten days it has turned from greyish blue to dark red, occasionally of so intense a colour as to look like newly shed blood.
  • The blood deserted her face, leaving a greyish pallor, but the eyes sought his steadily, and the rippling voice lost none of its rich cadence.
  • Occasionally decrepitates and then fuses, forming a greyish white sublimate immediately above the mineral fragment.
  • Those twenty days are present to my imagination as something warm, and young, and fragrant, a sort of streak of light in my dingy, greyish life.
  • In the interior large yellowish and greyish streaks indicate that considerable quantities of gold and silver had been thrown in during the process of melting.
  • Lampito mauritii are greyish white in colour and shiny, thicker and longer (length-16 cms) compared to Perionyx excavatus.
  • If thick crepes are made, an excess of the chemical is sometimes made visible by a greyish powder deposited on the edges of the strips of dry rubber.
  • Presently a rift in the wall of vapour enabled both pilot and observer to discern a flat, greyish expanse of sand through which several small channels wound sinuously.
  • The coating of this opening and the under side of the door is of a greyish white, and as soft and smooth as satin, and when the door is shut it fits so exactly as to be quite watertight.
  • We had marble at the river margin most of the day, a greyish crystalline rock fluted multitudinously in places by the action of high water and sometimes polished like glass.
  • This was a mistake which might have ended tragically, for just as the eastern sky began to assume a pale greyish tint, we emerged from the jungle on the high road.
  • The tremulous smile on her parted lips changed to a nervous grin, and her colour turned to a greyish white as she stared at the bottle, her eyes dilated with horror.

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