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  • Then bake it on a griddle in the manner of buckwheat cakes.
  • A word about the griddle may not come amiss.
  • Grease the griddle anew, between baking each cake.
  • Apple Griddle Cake, 142.
  • Crumb Griddle Cakes, 111.
  • The mixture was beaten and then the griddle was put on to heat.
  • Beat to mix and then bake as if for griddle cakes on a hot griddle.
  • Beat very hard and then set in a warm place while the griddle is heating.
  • Beat to mix and then bake on a hot griddle and serve with butter and sugar.
  • Bake on the griddle or add a little more flour and bake in muffin rings.
  • Place the griddle on the range to heat slowly, while mixing the batter.
  • Beat hard to thoroughly mix and then bake on a griddle or fry in hot fat.
  • When quite light, bake it on a griddle in the manner of buckwheat cakes.
  • Put your griddle over the fire, and let it get quite hot before you begin.
  • So let it rest, until the fire The griddle heats as you desire.
  • Never turn a griddle cake twice--this makes them heavy.

How To Use Griddle In A Sentence?

  • We had a large round cast iron griddle and cooked with it on top of the wood stove.
  • Breakfasted with the doctor on coffee, hot biscuits, beefsteak, and griddle cakes with sausage.
  • For breakfast Takahashi had venison, biscuits, griddle cakes with maple syrup, and hot cocoa.
  • Quick breads include griddle cakes, waffles, muffins, Sally Lunns, shortcakes and biscuits.
  • Beat this mixture smooth and then place the rings on a hot griddle and half fill with the drop batter.
  • Put the griddle on to heat when starting to mix the drop batter and keep the rings cool until ready to bake.
  • Beat hard for three minutes and then let stand in a warm place while the griddle is heating, then bake.
  • Test the griddle by dropping a few drops of water on it; if the water boils, the griddle is sufficiently hot to bake with.
  • When it is quite light, and your griddle is hot, grease and set your muffin rings on it; having first buttered them round the inside.
  • Have the lard hot in the skillet, allow a tablespoon to each fritter, fry brown on each side, then turn same as griddle cakes.
  • Tired out, I managed to make an omelet and a cup of tea, and to fry some griddle cakes to replace the bread which was conspicuous by its absence.
  • There is as much difference between them as there is between griddle cakes made with yeast and griddle cakes in which the careless cook forgot to put the leaven.
  • When at breakfast he said that he was not allowed tea or coffee, he was fed with milk, to which with hot bread and new acquaintance with griddle cakes he took kindly.
  • Here, cut the child a bit o' griddle cake; she's been keepin' me company this long while, haven't ye, Roseen?

Definition of Griddle

to use a griddle, cook on a griddle | A stone or metal flat plate or surface on which food is fried or baked.
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