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  • Granther grieved for thee always.
  • He is simply the conventional grieved parent.
  • Your poor mother was so grieved that it made her insane.
  • My poor betrothed is much grieved and worried.
  • Mary knew he was grieved, and she grieved also.
  • I am deeply grieved for him, poor fellow!
  • I own that somewhat hath he grieved me in this, but alack!
  • Edward hath grieved without ceasing over thy loss.
  • I grieved for the poor father when I heard of it.
  • It grieved him to see Marietta utterly broken down.
  • Alas, I have grieved so I am hard to love.
  • In her heart she was sincerely grieved by what he had told her.
  • He was absurdly grieved that his gun was still with his missing baggage.
  • His great enemy himself grieved for him, and pronounced his finest eulogium.

How To Use Grieved In A Sentence?

  • For he that is grieved with such inconveniencies is equally tormented, as if he were in chains.
  • How grieved she was, too, for had she not lost her little friend the butterfly?
  • Everyone was grieved to see her bitter sorrow, after the funeral service for her father.
  • You have done yourself much injury, and grieved me deeply, more deeply than you can comprehend.
  • He is grieved at the irreligious manner in which the priests at Rome read mass.
  • I was grieved to observe certain characteristics about him which I had never before suspected.
  • That shot him through the back; Although he was our enemy, We grieved for his wreck.
  • He grieved at the loss of men, but the fewer in number the more they were united and proved irresistible.
  • One thing only grieved him: the irreparable loss of the secret from which he had expected to obtain great wealth.
  • I think the way she had saddened his later years grieved her as much as anything, and all her affection seemed revived.
  • He was grieved to see these men in high discussion and dispute, when they ought to have been busily engaged in some lawful calling.
  • She was surprised to find that she felt more grieved than was at all necessary, in that the snake was Terence.
  • One was that he thought a change would be beneficial to his mother, who grieved so over the loss of his father, whom she had deeply loved.
  • The girl was very much grieved at her failure to find her mistress, but being of a good disposition soon became contented with her lot.
  • La Certe knew this, and professed himself profoundly grieved as well as indignant with his countrymen.
  • I breakfasted yesterday at head-quarters with Napier, and grieved to see that he looked worn and troubled.
  • I am deeply grieved when I see vast estates which have had a fortune spent in plantings that had little practical value.
  • King wondered at their sudden change of mind, the Pathan looked actually grieved that a fight should have been spared him.
  • His body was carried down the Tsangpo, and we grieved at this, for we could not pay it the honour we desired.
  • For he is choked by the evil spirit, and has not the liberty of serving the Lord as he would; for he is grieved by anger.
  • He deeply grieved to suggest such a thing, but the majesty of the executive, whose gravest sin was leniency, must at all hazards be respected.
  • Forgive me for having grieved you; but I did not myself suffer less when I no longer saw you near me.
  • Then the saint, instructed of heaven, saw their peril, and, showing it unto his disciples, professed that he grieved for them.
  • But Ben looking up, saw the most grieved expression settling on her face, as the large eyes were fixed in wonder on the faces before her.
  • Then Sir Gawaine was sore grieved with these words, and pulled out his sword and smote off his head.
  • The War Chief was sorely grieved at the result of his hasty action, and fretted about it until the end of his days.

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simple past tense and past participle of grieve
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