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  • He grew grim with resolve.
  • One thing he recalled with grim satisfaction.
  • A grim smile flickered over his face.
  • There lay the grim horrible wilderness all about him.
  • He looks grim because he knew less than she.
  • Westenra stood up big and grim in the moonlight.
  • Gordon put the question aside with a somewhat grim look.
  • A Grim Sort of Picnic XI.
  • She had got her glimpse of the grim reality that lies beneath.
  • A grim humorist had selected the topmost garret as the post-office.
  • The one looked on with grim repression, the other with blanched face.
  • A long line of men-at-arms stood before him, grim as he and as discontented.
  • My companions might have rivalled the grim warriors of Greece.
  • But an atmosphere of soberness and grim reality now descended upon Berlin.
  • He must twist his heart, Wried with grim pain, to smiles of pleasantness.
  • But I can tell you," he added with a grim smile, "it is a unique case.
  • How many Caesars did that same Until the great, grim Reaper came!

How To Use Grim In A Sentence?

  • As she made him snug he observed with a grim smile that his recovery was a pity.
  • I wonder whether there was murder in the heart of the grim old warrior at the recollection.
  • Matheson turned and looked him over, and as he did so his grim face softened a little.
  • He worked methodically and phlegmatically, steeling himself to a grim suppression of regret.
  • As soon as he had recovered his breath, a grim effort of humour parted his lips.
  • No one doubted now that the Fatherland was on the brink of grim and portentous events.
  • Sandy, his grim visage, dripping with water, now visible braced against the tiller.
  • Ben Jolly spoke the words with a grim conviction that had its effect upon his friends.
  • He leans on and scrunches with firm step a passage the bristling Grim ice fields across!
  • She saw the sudden flash in her husband's eyes, the grim fury in Griffiths' face.
  • At the portal stood De Gaucourt, a notable warrior, with a grim look about his mouth.
  • With grim determination he battled on that day through the flaming sunshine and gave himself no rest.
  • Keith remained silent, but she read his answer, and went on with her work with a grim look on her face.
  • Slipping in the clutch, he moved forward with the grim resolve to take long chances for the sake of gaining ground.
  • The deep fire glowed for a while and then grew dull again, and the old man sank back into his former grim silence.
  • They crowded about her, filling the air with shouts of triumph; they clamoured to be led at once against the grim frowning walls.
  • As they rounded the point the warships swung into view, grim and forbidding, with the ugly strength of bulldogs.
  • This selection gave the local postmaster, who was also possessed of grim humour, the vastest entertainment.
  • The need to make a living, that grim necessity which is the mother of democracy, had brushed them as lightly as the theory of evolution.
  • He had returned with a purpose as hard and grim as iron; and no obstacle, less powerful than death, should divert or control him.
  • Mephistopheles is the medieval devil, harsh and grim and fierce, bent on seduction, without any comprehension of human aspirations.
  • The grim tale serves to show to what lengths the force of suggestion will, in times of excitement, carry folk otherwise sober and truthful.
  • Perhaps the man who named it did so in grim jest, as was the manner of the early bitter ones who swept across the Western lands.

Definition of Grim

dismal and gloomy, cold and forbidding | rigid and unrelenting | ghastly or sinister
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