Grimace In A Sentence

How To Use Grimace In A Sentence?

  • And he had on his face a portentous grimace of melancholy and philosophic importance.
  • She swallowed the noxious mixture with a grimace and was asleep in a few moments.
  • She made a charming little grimace but a moment afterwards she was serious again.
  • Both gentlemen made the grimace usual in suitors who have expected much and got little.
  • She tried to return the smile, a grimace of the lips that did not touch her somber eyes.
  • If ever any one person made a grimace at another, that donkey made a grimace at me.
  • It would be like taking her into my arms and suddenly making a grimace at her....
  • But the Gaul had no sooner swung his weight against the wheel than his grimace vanished.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grimace | Grimace Sentence

  • Archie made a grimace of disgust.
  • Cyril made a grimace of disgust.
  • Mort retreated with a grimace of disgust.
  • Florine gave a little grimace of approval.
  • Sara made a small grimace of disgust.
  • It is not a grimace artificially assumed for show.
  • The grimace he made was certainly not due to headache.
  • We swear and you grimace or paw wildly the air.
  • He made a wry grimace and showed his hands.
  • This with a grimace which put the whole table in a roar.
  • The one-legged man made a grimace and shrugged.
  • She made a little grimace and drew him to one side.
  • Goguet ne dissimula pas une grimace approbative.
  • With a grimace Harry stops his ears.
  • And Carmen smiled with a grimace of pain.
  • Diana made a little grimace at him and turned to Mack.
  • He made a horrible grimace and pointed at Merriwell.
  • Stryker obeyed, with a derisive grimace for Kirkwood.
  • Miss Qian made a grimace and shot a meaning look at him.
  • Ce dernier point fit faire la grimace à Simon...
  • Pauline flung him a laughing grimace and he strode off to the library.
  • She looked up at him with a little grimace and patted his hand.
  • He put down the newspaper with a little grimace indicative of regret.
  • Breton made a grimace which explained his inability to answer this question.
  • Then he made a grimace and dropped his hand demonstratively over his knee.
  • The maid's little grimace was expressive.
  • The pink plump face was contorted in a furtive grimace of deprecation.
  • Her answering smile was pitiable, a grimace of the lips that went no farther.
  • Vous souvient-il de la grimace conjugale qui embellissait ses traits?
  • Daddy John made a grimace at him which was a caution to silence.
  • This according and instantaneous grimace Lydia found engaging.
  • Sophy made a little grimace and glanced up at John anxiously.

Definition of Grimace

To make grimaces; to distort one's face; to make faces. | A contorted facial expression, often expressing contempt or pain.
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