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  • The signs and grimaces were worse than speech.
  • We could tell, by their grimaces and gestures ...
  • The blacks continued to show their displeasure by grimaces and contortions.
  • On beholding themselves in it, their grimaces were highly entertaining.

How To Use Grimaces In A Sentence?

  • The bellringer looked at them piteously, and in spite of himself, made grimaces with his nose.
  • Then came the funny clown, in his little cart, with his jokes and grimaces for the children.
  • The grimaces of a Grimaldi could not have ruffled the calm of their scornful features.
  • Your idiotic, cowed look, your gaping mouth and grimaces are as many infallible remedies for love.
  • A horrid mask, symbolising these memories, in bad dreams, grimaces beside her left hand.
  • We should then have been spared the not uncommon spectacle of the grotesque, to say nothing of the grimaces of the last few years.
  • Sometimes they would repeat the same lessons three days running, making grimaces at us to say nothing.
  • The enchanter did not forget to trace round them and their mistress certain mysterious circles, with all the grimaces and contortions of the time.
  • Kazio, who was a great rogue and a joker, began from afar to make gestures and grimaces like a monkey.
  • Is he sitting upon the bones of Moses and making grimaces at the old prophet while he is adopting his sentences?
  • Damn him, he stands making his grimaces yonder; and he looks so earnestly upon his mistress, that he hears me not.
  • Does she think me, too, a fool, to be taken in by her grimaces of loyalty when it is as apparent as the day that delight is her chief emotion.
  • He made a thousand grimaces and asked a thousand pardons for disturbing Monsieur, but the morning was considerably advanced.
  • Rideau lifted one shoulder and stretched out the other arm with an air that was not wholly Gallic, but rather suggested the grimaces of a negro.
  • After various grimaces of thinking, and even taking the meersham from his mouth, I was thrown on my own resources.
  • Again a thousand grimaces and contortions, and vows by San Genario, that no purse of the kind had been seen.
  • Sixty-seventh week, makes grimaces before mirror; turns round to see his father, whose image appeared in mirror (199).
  • Although I pitied him, I could not help smiling at the grimaces produced on his sun-burnt visage by the painful stings.
  • And Joachim performed all the grimaces and contortions to perfection, till his Aunt and Cousins were convulsed with laughter.
  • I then went to see the Corticelli, who threw her arms round my neck, and made use of the Bolognese grimaces appropriate to the occasion.
  • They fell like a pack of hounds on any peasant child that ran across the shooting-ground, and greeted such as had shot ill with grimaces and monkey gestures.
  • They seem for the most part distorted and agonised with pain, and have been supposed, not without reason, to represent the writhings and grimaces of the damned.
  • He gave himself a pat or two and made some grimaces to show that it felt rather prickly going down, and then he produced a second needle, and tested and then swallowed that.
  • They fell back generously, not so much to give her room as to see her to better advantage, passing winks and grimaces of approval between themselves in their free and easy way.
  • He walked at least half a dozen times round his box on his hands before he would say a word, and then indulged in such a series of winks and grimaces as almost drove me into impatience.
  • Encarnacion approved these assertions with rude grimaces of her strong, fierce face, content to be able to express herself thus against the brother who filled her with envy by his good fortune.
  • He next met the passenger whom he had seen under the lee of the hencoop, and his despair and grimaces were enough to make even the discouraged John smile.

Definition of Grimaces

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of grimace | plural of grimace
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