Grimness In A Sentence

Definition of Grimness

The characteristic or quality of being grim.

How To Use Grimness In A Sentence?

  • The very grimness of the prairie increased their determination to raise a bulwark against it.
  • He was not aware of the grimness that entered his voice as he made this statement.
  • For even during peace they abate nothing in the grimness and horror of their countenance.
  • It was as though the grimness of reality had interrupted a piece of play-acting.
  • But for all the grimness in her creed, there was not a being alive with a softer heart.
  • Then she saw that the stupidity, the grimness of all those watching faces was gone as if by magic.
  • It showed strength and doggedness and will, along with some of the dour grimness of his fathers.
  • A characteristic touch of grimness is added to the story by making the husband a deformed man.
  • He was a man who had been on many battle-fields, knew the grimness of life in many lands.
  • Then Dane, standing beside his leader, saw the grimness grow a trifle less marked in his eyes.
  • But there had grown subtly into his face a look of grimness and unhappiness that robbed it of the youth it still should have retained.
  • But his face was set in a frozen grimness and though his breath came in gasps he made no other sound.
  • He had also known adversity, she deduced from the gauntness of his face and a certain grimness of expression.
  • The play of the white gleams of his smile round the suspicion of grimness of his tone fascinated me like a moral incongruity.
  • Hilda stabbed a great crisp fallen teak leaf with her parasol, and spent the grimness of this in twirling it.
  • But it was the grimness of his face, and the weariness in his pose, which seized her attention and aroused a curious sympathy for him.
  • At first the laughter had been a little too grim, but before long the grimness had disappeared and only a good-natured ridicule was left.
  • For the power undeniably was there, and while the general effect had grimness in it, there was neither harshness nor any forbidding touch about it.
  • They looked at one another with stern eyes, and with that grimness that takes the place which fear would hold in meaner souls.
  • They had bronzed faces with a significant grimness in them, and moved with a certain air of resolution that did not astonish Slavin.
  • He paused at "chagrined," and repeated it impressively, so that the guttural grimness of its second syllable sounded most unpleasant.
  • He is stern in face even to grimness and ferocity, but as handsome in form as some of the heroes of Walter Scott.
  • Ned leaned against his friend, looking soberly at Trafford's rapt face, and wondering where all the man's grimness and gloominess had gone.
  • She saw a rugged nose, a likeable mouth, and an abrupt and aggressive chin, saved somehow from grimness by a deep cleft in the blunt end of it....
  • His expression was decidedly uneasy, but there was a certain grimness about him that did not seem to indicate the probability of any excessive show of docility in face of a browbeating.
  • There is in these stories a curious mixture of humour, insight and pathos, with here and there a dash of grimness and a sprinkling of that charming irrelevancy which is of the essence of true humour.
  • The glow and colour of the shops and houses seem only to intensify the grimness and grayness of that Roman background, the immense wall of the arena.
  • There is in these stories a curious mixture of humour, insight, and pathos, with here and there a dash of grimness and a sprinkling of that charming irrelevancy which is of the essence of true humour.
  • Maxwell, who some day would be master of Culmeny, had inherited more than a trace of the silent grimness of the old moss-troopers from whom he sprang.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grimness | Grimness Sentence

  • The ordinary grimness of his face was lacking.
  • Something of his habitual grimness of expression returned.
  • The Grimness and Harshness of Frontier Life.
  • Mingled with that feeling there had been a grimness and pain and apprehension.
  • Bigelow's quiet laugh had a touch of grimness in it.
  • Jefferson laughed, though there was a certain grimness in his face.
  • Much has been written about the grimness of the French in this war.
  • The grimness of the clean-cut, stern face had somewhat relaxed.
  • Mr. Wells had not lost any of his grimness when he opened it.
  • The grimness came back to Drew's face.
  • There is little of grimness in the faiths of the Far East; their gods smile.

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