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  • The grippe seems to have been bitter against you.
  • This powerful drug is much resorted to by grippe victims.
  • No lowland grippe microbe could survive such experiences.
  • It was about ten years ago, and I caught a grippe germ from him.

How To Use Grippe In A Sentence?

  • La grippe had taken rather sharp hold of Lavinia Preen, and she was upstairs for ten days.
  • On your arrival here, you contracted a heavy cold which developed into the grippe; grippe will answer as well as anything else and is not sufficiently serious to call in a physician.
  • The 'grippe' has gripped us here most universally, and no wonder, considering our most exceptional weather; and better the grippe than the fever which preceded it.

Definition of Grippe

(pathology) Influenza, the flu. [from 18 c.]
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