Gripped The In A Sentence

How To Use Gripped The In A Sentence?

  • Rainey gripped the spokes hard until he felt the pressure of his bones against the wood.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gripped The | Gripped The Sentence

  • Despondency gripped the people.
  • Lessingham gripped the fisherman by the arm.
  • Penny gripped the receiver tightly.
  • Conyers gripped the rail in front of him.
  • How it gripped the soul with the audacity of it all!
  • Suddenly he gripped the arms of his chair.
  • I rocked and gripped the chair.
  • Fear gripped the hearts of the most courageous of men.
  • Granet gripped the sides of his chair with his hand.
  • His dead hand had gripped the rail.
  • Still he gripped the saddle with rigid knees.
  • A hand gripped the barrel of his rifle as if to crush it.
  • She gripped the shrinking girl and twisted her round.
  • My hands gripped the rim of the box with excitement.
  • Ballard gripped the womanish hand lying on the coverlet.
  • Her fingers gripped the black oak rail.
  • His fingers gripped the damp window-sill.
  • She set her lips grimly and gripped the wheel.
  • Her strong hand gripped the saddle horn hard.
  • The three paddles gripped the water with common accord.
  • He gripped the rail with both hands, and watched.
  • He gripped the pipe with hands and knees, and descended.
  • Then he drew a long breath, gripped the rope and shouted.
  • A sickening, deadly fear gripped the weary aviator.
  • The Seraph gripped the back of my blouse.
  • The Spider had gripped the arm of his chair.
  • McKeever shook his head and gripped the pack more closely.
  • Keith Wells gripped the lever that held the torps in leash.
  • I dropped the priest, and gripped the Englishman.
  • I gripped the table, and I did not see clearly.
  • Dan gripped the tin box, standing close beside Brad.
  • Martin stiffened tensely and gripped the revolver in his hand.
  • It gripped the oak by its branches and tore it from its roots.
  • Two mariners gripped the victim's arms.
  • Then the stage was cleared and a tense hush gripped the house.
  • The midshipman gripped the tiller-lines tightly and set his teeth.
  • Wilson shook his head and gripped the arm of the excited girl by his side.
  • He closed his eyes resolutely and his hands gripped the arms of his chair.
  • Sybil's hands gripped the arms of the windsor chair.
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