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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Groans | Groans Sentence

  • The groans were not given.
  • Tom only answers by groans and struggles.
  • And groans we took our way.
  • And then the way he groans and mutters in his sleep!
  • Can you hear the groans and the awful cries?
  • At night he heard the groans of the wounded.
  • He thought groans issued from beneath.
  • In that brief time the groans had stilled.
  • A chorus of muffled groans arose.
  • The groans fell on a terrifying silence.
  • Then followed a series of groans from the patient.
  • To the groans he replied by fresh blows.
  • Again faint grunts and groans encouraged him.
  • Meanwhile blood flowed amid the groans and cries.
  • His sobs and groans were truly heart-rending.
  • What heart could endure the groans of agony!
  • Lola very tired: groans and does everything wrong.
  • That groans in a gorge, or sighs in a tree?
  • There was a crashing fall, groans and then silence.
  • His groans their music, and his pangs their sport.
  • I hear thy groans upon her blood-stained streams!
  • Instead the glaring, man-filled city groans below!
  • Some few groans more, death comes, and there an end.
  • Came dimly to his roaring ears shouts, groans and blows.
  • Three groans for old Colton!
  • Leaving the groans of miserable men Behind!
  • With moans and groans Zensuke made his report.
  • My Groans and Grievances.
  • No plaints or groans may move Their holy vigil.
  • May I shed light that shall turn groans into songs.
  • Thy old groans ring yet in my ancient ears Act ii.
  • I hear cries of rage, I hear the groans of the dying.
  • Are its tears His scorning, its groans His mirth?
  • A chorus of groans from the crowd answered this announcement.
  • Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast?
  • The exuberant soil groans with the burdens which are heaped upon it.
  • Then he heard groans and cries and saw men falling around him.
  • The groans continued for a long while: the misery of hearing them!
  • I can tell it by the way my boat groans whenever you step aboard.

How To Use Groans In A Sentence?

  • Presently the performance was concluded with a series of groans emitted by the bass strings.

Definition of Groans

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of groan | plural of groan
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