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  • This poem has yet a grosser fault.
  • To men of grosser clay, ha, ha!
  • Es war ein grosser Dampfer.
  • Er war ein grosser Mann.
  • The grosser abuses, indeed, may be readily detected.
  • Er war ein wirklich grosser Mann.
  • Türkei und Syrien ein grosser Export getrieben.
  • Maenner mit grossen Plaenen und grosser Tatkraft erweisen.
  • Flugplatz Grosser Sand bei Mainz.
  • Winter 1917/18 die tuerkischen Soldaten in grosser Zahl zugrunde.
  • In dessen grosser Kinderschar fand ich mehrere liebe Spielgefaehrten.
  • Schon 3 Jahre vorher war unser erster, so grosser Kaiser von uns gegangen.
  • Die Bedenken, ob uns ein grosser Erfolg gelingen wuerde, blieben nicht gering.

How To Use Grosser In A Sentence?

  • Its grosser cruelties have been checked, but the thing itself has barely been touched.
  • You admit the obligation of self-control, and the restraint of the grosser emotions.
  • But time and excess, that have thickened the grosser senses, have blunted the imagination.
  • But my lips taste not, and the grosser air Choke each pure inspiration of thy will?
  • It was my grosser and more gastric nature that asserted itself, and I now desire to take it back.
  • In the grosser atmosphere of the German Residenzen it kicked a chahut in sabots.
  • Befehlsbereiches nur ein einziger grosser Schlag, den wir in Ostpreussen fuehrten.
  • Diese Eroeffnung war fuer uns militaerisch wie politisch von gleich grosser Bedeutung.
  • Die Schlacht an der mazedonischen Front wurde mit grosser Erbitterung gefuehrt.
  • So, also, in Mormon theology, is the Holy Spirit different from the grosser elements.
  • Ersatz, doch sofort erhebt sich ein grosser Laerm in Sofia ueber Mangel an Bundestreue.
  • Eye and ear were ravished by the luxuries set before them, and the grosser appetites were not forgotten.
  • A purer and more enduring form of intellect was gradually overcoming the grosser but less solid superstition.
  • Such minds sometimes seek alleviation in exciting amusements; others resort to the grosser enjoyments of sense.
  • I knew at any rate myself none, whether of a finer or a grosser strain, that competed with this precious relation.
  • If he had not fallen as low as some, it was because of innate pride, and because his nature abhorred some of the grosser and coarser forms of sin.
  • Ach, grosser König, gross zu allen Zeiten, Wie kann ich gnugsam solche Treu ausbreiten?
  • A reason for absence of comprehension lies in the fact that but one side of self is ever seen, and that side is the grosser one.
  • It was decided to organize an earth from available materials, and place the spirits on it, clothed with bodies of the grosser elements.
  • I am certain that some such idea was in her head, alloying, or at least refining, a grosser self-interest.
  • Burly is a man of a great presence; he commands a larger atmosphere, gives the impression of a grosser mass of character than most men.
  • He enjoyed life, but not with rude activity, like the grosser members of the ruling caste, rather with a certain rare languor.
  • I am half convinced that the reflection is indeed the reality, the real thing which Nature imperfectly images to our grosser sense.
  • Had he applied it to the service of the Pendle witches, he would have found still grosser contrarieties, and as great absurdity.
  • That which is existence, reflecting itself on the yet grosser form of Prithivî, shows forth what we call objective reality.
  • Its power has waned, but it still exercises an influence, shadowy though it be, on certain minds, though in its grosser forms it has disappeared.
  • Let it still advance in the same direction, and who shall assure us that it may not develop into still grosser idolatry, or even into Pantheism?

Definition of Grosser

comparative form of gross: more gross | (in combination) A film, etc. that grosses a certain amount of money.
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