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  • A sensible preacher will avoid the grotesque and the extremes of mere animal vivacity.
  • There is a streak in me that makes me enjoy the grotesque slap-stick of the comic artists.
  • The same is true of the comic masks, which are rendered as grotesque and horrible as possible.
  • Bobbie, holding his head in a grotesque gesture, ran and staggered behind them.
  • Similar, even more grotesque tales have been served the faithful by Catholic writers.
  • The temple itself was not wanting in beauty, though disfigured by the grotesque representations on the walls.
  • They are invariably attended by half a dozen of bears and monkeys that are broke in to perform all manner of grotesque tricks.
  • I could perceive that that was a grotesque platform gesture of his, when he drove a comic point home.
  • In the latter, his chief aim was to provoke laughter by the representation of grotesque situations and grimaces.
  • He wished to call attention to the grotesque figure without hurting the poor fellow's feelings.
  • There should be a wedding cake which may be only ginger-bread, and some kind of grotesque motto may be inscribed in the frosting.
  • I made an effort to stir, to escape ere the grotesque and intangible horrors of the wood could catch me.
  • This is the case; but the grotesque may represent the truly horrible or repellent, and be simply repulsive.
  • The feeling for humour is ministered to in ornament by the grotesque, and the grotesque occurs in the works of almost all ages and all peoples.
  • All the capitals are carved with the stiff-leafed foliage; and in the spandrels are grotesque beasts, full of character.
  • It means kindness and honour to the dead, but it seems all contrived to make sorrow grotesque and horrible instead of only sorrowful.
  • Reminiscently, her narrowing eyes turned back their inner vision to the far-away grotesque incident of the camp meeting.
  • Every grotesque change in the relations ruins the healthy state: what makes us sure that the harmony of health is spoiled?
  • To a stranger, however, the varied and grotesque costumes in which these clowns are put by their imperial master is somewhat confusing.
  • There was, as always when he was unnatural and ill at ease, a touch of coarseness in his humour, a grotesque exaggeration of his rhetorical style.
  • Its upper part, which was of bare rock, looked exactly like the seated figure of a grotesque person with the chin resting on the breast.
  • A group of figures, mounted on mules, with many pack-mules in attendance, made a grotesque blot of shadow.
  • If she was a little grotesque in doing it, he had seen more than one elderly Englishwoman who, in the same pastime, was even more so.
  • It has been led astray into Chauvinism, abased to idiotic hatred of the foreigner, degraded to grotesque self-worship.
  • Yet I dared not touch the fallen body of the Christ, that lay on its back in so grotesque a posture at the foot of the post.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grotesque | Grotesque Sentence

  • There was something grotesque in their decrepitude.
  • There was a grotesque familiarity in the act.
  • At this point the grotesque trenches on the tragic.
  • The farm-yard cock is an incredibly grotesque creature.
  • The grotesque larvae live in deep holes in sand-banks.
  • I had solved for myself that grotesque and sombre personality.
  • There was a grotesque horror about the whole of our adventure that night.
  • Dully he watched the grotesque flickering of lights and shadows.
  • There were blisters in the glass that twisted her head into a grotesque shape.
  • Look now at the work of these men, and the label seems grotesque enough.
  • Knowing something of the man, he became doubly grotesque in her eyes.
  • The wild, grotesque hilarity of those midnight songs can never be forgotten.
  • But there is something grotesque in talent when genius, even in repose, is by.
  • They wore grotesque garb and each one fingered a guitar, mandolin, or banjo.
  • It is time we got rid of grotesque caricatures of the German people.

Definition of Grotesque

distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous | disgusting or otherwise viscerally reviling. | (typography) sans serif.
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