Ground in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ground

1. Gray lay on the ground staring up at them. 🔊

2. The littleness of the human mind a ground of hope. 🔊

3. A band in two divisions graced the ground floor. 🔊

4. He turned away with a shudder and flung himself down upon the ground again. 🔊

5. He got up from the ground and looked round him with a new strength. 🔊

6. This is the high, impregnable ground of the true Christian theist. 🔊

How to use Ground in Sentences?

1. But we cannot see any sufficient ground to support this oft-repeated assertion. 🔊

2. This is the ground on which we believe the election of individuals to eternal life to proceed. 🔊

3. We find a ground of hope in the very littleness as well as in the greatness of the human powers. 🔊

4. Suddenly a bulky shape sprang from the ground within a few yards of him and bounded away. 🔊

5. This is true, if the scheme of necessity affords the only ground of certainty in the universe. 🔊

6. The ground would be covered with ice and snow all the year through, both winter and summer. 🔊

7. Gray ground his teeth with helpless rage, but he got up and took the pick from his knapsack. 🔊

8. The ground rose steeply behind the place, rising up into a jagged ridge against the sky. 🔊

9. The latter entered into the spirit of the occasion with the zest of an expert showing a novice the ground he has so often traversed. 🔊

10. Embedded in the ground below the hearth-stone lay a small tin box, bound round and round with whipcord. 🔊