Grounding In A Sentence

Definition of Grounding

present participle of ground | Fundamental knowledge or background in a field or discipline. | The return to a fully conscious state after a psychedelic experience.

How To Use Grounding In A Sentence?

  • The enemy, of course, lost several boats by grounding and subsequent surrender on our coasts.
  • He further found that these currents could be detected by grounding the terminals of a telephone circuit.
  • The boys guessed who they were by their voices, and the noise they made when grounding their muskets.
  • In special forms of carbon arresters an attempt has been made to limit this danger of grounding by the deposit of carbon dust.
  • In order to keep the weather gage, which would enable him to attack at close quarters, Blake took the risk of grounding on the shoal.
  • And God who clears the grounding berg and steers the grinding floe, He hears the cry of the little kit-fox and the lemming on the snow.
  • At first we were disposed to make light of the affair, for, grounding as she did imperceptibly, we imagined that she would get off with little difficulty.
  • Most young girls are interested in domestic affairs, and are never happier than when allowed to have their finger in the domestic pie; but in this as in other things a thorough grounding is the most satisfactory.
  • Ancient embroidery can be beautifully restored by grounding in "laid work," instead of transferring it where the ground is frayed, and the work is worthy of preservation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grounding | Grounding Sentence

  • If time serves, instructors will do well to give a grounding in logic.

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