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  • Or is it but a groundless creed?
  • It was so groundless and unexpected.
  • Alas, my transports are all groundless then.
  • Never was vagary of mediaeval faith so groundless as this.
  • The charge was utterly groundless and unfair.
  • You regard it simply as groundless opposition.
  • Mr. Hadwin was superior to groundless apprehensions.
  • This jealousy is so groundless that the reverse would happen.
  • And all the Curses Madness can invent, Light on my groundless Jealousy.

How To Use Groundless In A Sentence?

  • Those who are so anxious lest we be overtaxed are trying to inspire us with groundless fears.
  • It was a groundless superstition that made one spot more suitable for this purpose than another.
  • That the second and third chapters allude to Christ is a groundless hypothesis.
  • In classical mythology Pan was regarded as the author of sudden frights or groundless alarms.
  • There are no men more liable to groundless fears, than those who reject the object of legitimate awe.
  • To show how groundless these charges were, one need but to note the character of some of the persons arrested.
  • Hatred between groups becomes chronic and often seems to be groundless because the values concerned have thus become intangible.
  • Being of a highly suspicious nature, he sacrificed to his groundless apprehensions numbers of his most loyal and devoted adherents.
  • Your fears were groundless as to the changing of my love for you, but, as you say, the picture was not for his eyes.
  • We certainly have never seen an ambassadorial correspondence, in which the most groundless views did not make a large part of its communications.
  • For a moment the apprehensions of Florian yielded to a lofty sense of indignation at this groundless charge.
  • It is important then to observe that these suspicions, whether groundless or rational, do not attach to a great deal of archaic law.
  • I never refuse to hear grievances: if they are groundless I try to refute them; if real, to redress them.
  • I am no scholar; but I see at the first glance how false and groundless are Vogt's inferences.
  • This is, as my own often-repeated experiments have shown, one of the deep-rooted, groundless prejudices to which the Peruvians obstinately cling.
  • He had already been exposed to vexatious litigation, arising out of groundless and malicious prosecutions with reference to his Brazilian enterprise.
  • This case shows that the fear of this treatment driving gout to the stomach, is groundless and it combats a dangerous attack, and quicker than it can be done by any other means.
  • Finding that her fears had been groundless as to the consequences of her rashness, she renewed, though with less vehemence than before, her imprecations on my intermeddling and audacious folly.
  • Again, where reason has the ascendancy, what groundless aversion, and paltry jealousy does she not frequently evince at the superior nature of her brilliant sister!
  • Though incapable of precluding the groundless belief of preternatural visitations, I was able to banish the phantom almost at the same instant at which it appeared.
  • It is groundless indeed; but then in the very idea it precludes all ground, and, separated from the immediate consciousness, loses its whole sense and import.
  • Just as at civil law any one can bring a groundless suit and subject his enemy to much annoyance and expense, so almost anybody can get almost anybody else arrested.

Definition of Groundless

Without any grounds to support it; baseless.
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