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How To Use Grow From In A Sentence?

  • Great rivers cannot rise from such a spring; tall trees cannot grow from such a little acorn.
  • That evil is seen to grow from one degree to another, from bad to worse and worst.
  • It consists of small, thick leaves of a circular form, which grow from the margin of each other.
  • And if a man shall injure them, the hand That struck the blow will grow from out the grave.
  • All this came in on him, as he watched them grow from geniality to hilarity and then on toward enthusiasm.
  • I am not enough of a botanist to know whether it is possible in this way to discourage flowers that grow from bulbs.
  • The latter contains the story of a prince who is punished for his presumption by having two snakes grow from his shoulders.
  • It is an essential condition of the soil of earth that thorns, weeds and fruitless trees may grow from it.
  • Patriotism and esprit de corps are all very well, but masters a little forget that they must grow from sentiment.
  • In that which will grow from love, will lie the mighty forces leading to that culminating point of spiritualization described above.
  • Why do we here desire the flower of some emergent feeling to grow from the air, or from the soil, or from humanity to greet us?
  • The plants, of which two or three usually grow from a creeping rootstock, generally stand where some moisture seeps out.
  • The branching rootstocks, creeping along the surface of the ground, grow from their tips; which are swathed in the undeveloped silky leaves.
  • The demand for this cloth is large and will grow from year to year, and of all coarse cotton cloth in the market the American is preferred.
  • He had watched Menard grow from a roistering lieutenant into a rigid captain, and he knew his temper too well to mind the flicks of banter.
  • Or, if corn seed, or kernels, did form on the ear, they would be lifeless, and when planted next year no corn would grow from them.
  • How I would read and write and burn the midnight oil, and astonish the world, and grow from dignity to dignity into an honored old age!
  • By this route we approach its beauties gradually and in due order, and our pleasure has opportunity to grow from promising beginnings to complete content.
  • Boys, with strong, quick arms, may grow from aprons to full beards without ever finding one to start the water-rings, or set the rabbits flying.
  • But it is very pleasant to us to be allowed to grow from the same trunk as they; and it is very kind of the sweet leaves to sing to us as if we belonged to them, and not to be ashamed of us.
  • Wert thou but wife to that surpassing chief, Rich would the fruit grow from such lordly birth, Such peerless beauty.
  • He had lived to see the leper colony grow from a ribald, obscene settlement to an orderly hospital where as much as was possible was done for the sufferers that were compelled to remain there.
  • All shoots that do not grow from the eye of the bud, or from the graft, must be taken off, that the graft or bud may receive all the nourishment the stock can afford.
  • No more was said on the subject, and as they rode along in silence, each was thinking of the curious web of emotions that was moulding their lives and making definite objects grow from intangible impulses.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grow From | Grow From Sentence

  • May it grow from more to more!
  • How can the creature grow from monster seed?
  • He saw the children grow from childhood to womanhood.
  • We grow out of her soil as leaves grow from a tree.
  • How could toes grow from legs without any feet between?
  • The mistletoe was believed to grow from none of these elements.
  • The lashes appear to grow from behind the lid rather than from its rim.
  • It is not at all unusual for a boy to grow from four to six inches in a year.

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