Grow In A Sentence

Definition of Grow

(ergative) To become bigger. | (intransitive) To appear or sprout. | (transitive) To cause or allow something to become bigger, especially to cultivate plants.

How To Use Grow In A Sentence?

  • At the very thought of such a thing as that the world seemed suddenly to grow radiant.
  • Abstractions grow together and again become concrete in a new and higher sense.
  • Our clothing is supplied by the thousands of sheep we raise and from the cotton we grow here.
  • I was harassed and fatigued, and the sight of the banditti began to grow insupportable to me.
  • There is not sufficient root-hold for any idea to grow in him, it withers and dies.
  • I perceive, to my consternation, that he has begun to grow jealous of his authority.
  • As you can see, twelve trees grow upon it, and the whole is surrounded by a deep ditch.
  • Away they go to bathe; grow full of noise, As servants use, when masters are abroad.
  • Year by year, Lucy seemed to grow in goodness, and even, as it seemed to me, in beauty.
  • Some plants grow best in the Temperate Zones, while others live best in the Torrid Zone.
  • There never was a bit of acting in her, she was only allowed to grow in what seemed natural to her.
  • Neither guessed for a moment that there was to grow out of the circumstance something destined to affect their whole business career.
  • The girl must not grow up haunted by perpetual fears and prophecies, if it were possible to prevent it.
  • Wading thus in the bed of the stream, they reached a point where the bright arcade began to grow dark.
  • And it was a pleasure she attended to religiously, even after she began to grow a little lax and indifferent about other household matters.
  • But as they grow older, and come into contact with realities, they learn by experience the futility of his pretensions.
  • Since leaving Gyantse we had marched through a country that seemed to grow more and more destitute of the supplies we needed.
  • The listening observer will notice that the sounds reaching his ear steadily grow less loud as the capacity across the line increases.
  • I was a mere stripling, and she played with my passion; for girls soon grow more adroit and knowing in these than your awkward youngsters.
  • The certainty that Harding would never return began to grow upon him, and he was frightened at himself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grow | Grow Sentence

  • Plants will grow in it.
  • Great forests grow on these mountains.
  • Helene felt herself grow nauseated.
  • All plants grow out of the earth or soil.
  • He suddenly felt her hand grow colder in his.
  • They also eat the fruits that grow wild in the forests.
  • The trees which grow in the soil give us all the wood.
  • I want us to grow old together, not alone.
  • Scarcely any grow in the Frigid Zones.
  • Would she be better looking if she were to let her hair grow long again?
  • Philippa's eyes seemed to grow larger and rounder.
  • These plants grow during the summer and rest or die when winter comes.
  • Many of the trees grow very, very high and have tremendous leaves.
  • To grow old with her meant "to lose the glory of the form.
  • We may here say that he used to allow one particular nail to grow long.
  • They thrive best on barren ground, and grow fattest in the hardest frosts.
  • They rang in my brain that night, and I began to grow very feverish.
  • In the forests of the Hot Zone the trees grow very close together.
  • Oh, how hard we'll try not to grow too pleased with ourselves now!
  • The flowers grow so luxuriantly, that man's hand cannot keep them in bounds.

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