Grows in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Grows

1. Afterwards it grows brighter and clearer. 🔊

2. Then it grows bright in and about thee. 🔊

3. The cotton plant grows up out of the ground. 🔊

4. He grows peevish and poor-spirited. 🔊

5. He grows more thoughtful every day. 🔊

6. The castellan grows pale as he reads this letter. 🔊

7. At every step my soul grows more serene. 🔊

8. Little grows upon it but coarse grass and cactus. 🔊

9. After the inundations reedy grass grows in the hollows. 🔊

10. So, he grows hot at last. 🔊

11. And the grass that grows green by the edge of the grave. 🔊

12. Home grows less and less a bugbear when you speak of it. 🔊

13. Mistress, it grows somewhat pretty and dark. 🔊

14. Ere yet the shadows fall and night grows dark. 🔊

15. The burden grows day by day, as you say. 🔊

16. It grows late too, and they may miss their way. 🔊

17. It dims, grows clear; living it needs must be! 🔊

18. The grass grows rank and dark in the showery England. 🔊

19. The small crystal slowly grows and assumes a very perfect form. 🔊

20. As a snowball grows larger with rolling, so it takes up more room. 🔊

How to use Grows in Sentences?

1. Grass grows in all the streets, and the very dogs seem more lean and hungry here than elsewhere. 🔊

2. Much of it is irrigated and under cultivation, and grows heavy crops of wheat and barley. 🔊