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  • The islands were covered with a lofty growth of living timber clothed in the deepest green.
  • Changes during growth in the skull of the rodent Otospermophilus grammurus beecheyi.
  • Protection was of course contributory to the growth of the American cotton industry.
  • We have heard seal-fishers describe the great rapidity of the growth of seals in the Arctic seas.
  • Love in this land Grows into perfect stature as the swift Sweet growth of nature.
  • Ah, cruel fate that forced my hand to snip Such costly growth as graced my upper lip!
  • The problem of providing for growth in a switchboard is very much the same as that which confronts one in buying a bookcase for his library.
  • Of course this growth is to be accounted for very largely by the natural protection of cost of transport aided by tariffs.
  • Such a soil is peculiarly favorable to the growth of the manly virtues where nature has assisted by her generous physical gifts.
  • But this was only the beginning of the growth period, the first trickle of the coming flood of mechanical power.
  • She impressed the senses of the beholder like some ripe and luscious fruit, a growth of sunshine and summer.
  • It may help the reader to appreciate the organic growth of the cotton industry if we now run over the main lines of its evolution.
  • The exquisite tints of the rice in different stages of growth display a translucence indescribable except in terms of light and fire.
  • No doubt some of the growth is artificial, but much is natural and would have taken place under universal free trade conditions.
  • A fresh growth of foreign vegetation was thus inaugurated, as these sylvan colonists struck their saplings into an alien soil.
  • Profoundly wrapt up in meditation on the growth of the city and his cabbages, he sat looking in the fire, and puffing his pipe in silence.
  • Jessuum Benitar watched the growth of the world and was pleased and excited with the abundance of life and treasure of love an trust.
  • The meaning of the word militant has been entirely lost, in the growth of mystery and decay of revelation in the Church.
  • It is not the actual growth of the mind, but the imaginary growth of the Hegelian system, which is attractive to him.
  • The seed was sown, the bud opened, and the flower faded, with incredible rapidity, but the growth while it lasted, showed phenomenal luxuriance.
  • You dine with a gentleman on venison, pheasant, quail, pigeons, poultry, mushrooms, and pineapples, all the growth of his estate.
  • Grief held steadily along the Broom Road, which curved and twisted through a lush growth of flowers and fern-like algarobas.
  • The growth of human life and their transportation, throughout the suppressed history of their people (up to the Twentieth Century).
  • The growth and development of mind, the formation of a self, the realisation of a personality, is for both the theme which psychology has to expound.
  • The history of constitutions is the history of the growth of these estates, of the legal relationships of individuals to them, and of these estates to one another and to their centre.
  • Examination showed that although the weevil attacked the young buds these did not drop off, but that a special growth of tissue inside the bud frequently killed the grub.
  • The book relates the adventures of a party on its overland pilgrimage, and the birth and growth of the absorbing love of two strong men for a charming heroine.
  • That the hoofs of passing horses had pressed down the rank growth of grass was plain enough, but whether the hoofs of six or a dozen we could only guess.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Growth | Growth Sentence

  • It will be of stinted growth at best here.
  • That our growth ceases when we gain our end.
  • Then he would begin to note the growth of the weeds.
  • He was of the Esau type, and the growth was brisk.
  • Its literary growth stopped with the reign of George III.
  • The intimacy of this sort of attendance helped the growth of my authority.
  • The growth of his native city sometimes caused him annoyance.
  • The other bank of the stream was covered by a thick growth of bushes.
  • In the development of intellectual modesty lies the growth of statesmanship.
  • Under the first head, it means the growth of a central unity of apperception.
  • That indeed was my most striking perception in the growth of Bromstead.
  • See Professor Rhys "Origin and growth of Celtic Religion" pp.

Definition of Growth

An increase in size, number, value, or strength. | (biology) The act of growing, getting bigger or higher. | (biology) Something that grows or has grown.
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