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  • In truth it was a gruelling day.
  • Calhoun gave each of them a second gruelling lesson.
  • This afternoon march was a gruelling experience.
  • Entwistle had taken his gruelling in rightdown good part.
  • I'll risk it, and take my gruelling afterwards.
  • It was a gruelling four years' struggle, but with success at the end of it.
  • Then he pressed one knee into the pit of Wilson's stomach with gruelling pain.

How To Use Gruelling In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps it was the gruelling work which he had been doing of late, with its effects.
  • Natalie insisted on camping early; for it had been a gruelling afternoon on Garth.
  • Fortunately Juarez was in fine condition, or he could never have stood the gruelling work ahead.
  • Now was to be one of the most gruelling sea-fights in which George Walker ever engaged.
  • It seemed a gruelling hard thing to us to sail just on the opening of the shooting season, but the wuzzies were troubling a bit.
  • In spite of her years, most of which were spent in gruelling labor, she is rugged and healthy, and meets the world with a smile and ready sympathetic laughter.
  • When the war broke out he was a teacher in a school at Hindhead, Surrey; and, after many months of gruelling conflict, he was given a captaincy.
  • Here was visible evidence to the Germans that their enemies had finally abandoned the fight after nearly four hours of as frightful gruelling as any ship had ever received.
  • After the last long weeks of doubt, after the last day of gruelling fear, after the terror of the last half hour, such things as these were soul-satisfying.
  • Page after page she wrote of him; citing innumerable instances of his valor, both while under gruelling fire out on the field and endless hours of indefatigable work beneath the dug-out shelters.

Definition of Gruelling

So difficult or taxing as to make one exhausted; backbreaking. | (racing) A race in which the animal being raced finishes in a state of physical exhaustion. | A gruelling ordeal.
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