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  • He spoke gruffly because he knew he was wrong.
  • She went into the room and gruffly ordered quiet.
  • And he gruffly told her to keep pace with him and that he did not forsake her.
  • She spoke gruffly and like a person who was not very fond of boys.
  • He took off his helmet and asked rather gruffly how it happened.
  • The woman answered gruffly that she had seen none land, and cared not.
  • When the oath had been taken by the poor maiden, Harper gruffly bade her rise.
  • The sergeant untied the Americans' feet and gruffly ordered them to march.

How To Use Gruffly In A Sentence?

  • Once inside the sailors were gruffly ordered to sit down, and their feet were tied securely.
  • In due time Cathead gruffly bade the child to come in and have a little liquor.
  • And now Miki barked at him gruffly two or three times, and nipped at one of his ears.
  • I said gruffly when I had looked him over, using one of the six dozen Swahili words I knew as yet.
  • Strong men patted him on the back and urged him gruffly to say what he had to say and laugh afterwards.
  • The conductor appropriates two seats for himself and his papers and yells gruffly for your tickets before the train has scarcely started.
  • I was called before the Committee and gruffly ordered to express my opinion on the doctrines in the booklet.
  • Every day he came to my house to play with the children and to care for my horses, a service for which he gruffly refused to accept any pay.
  • They must have thought that I was drunk, for nearly all of them said gruffly that they did not want me.
  • Joshua never liked saying goodbye, and did it so gruffly that it might have sounded sulky to the ear of a stranger, but Lilac knew better.
  • Luckily for Jeb the man gruffly interrupted with another flow of German, or his fate might then and there have been sealed.

Definition of Gruffly

In a gruff manner.
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