Grumble In A Sentence

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  • Got nothing to grumble at.
  • One cannot be on the grumble for ever.
  • He did not grumble at the wages.
  • He had never been known to grumble before.
  • There was a grumble from the front of the van.
  • It was useless to grumble at the inevitable.
  • I would be ashamed to grumble at it.
  • Her voice subsided into a grumble of displeasure.
  • I heard him grumble over my happy anticipation.
  • He heard a faint grumble and now and then a squeak.
  • They of course grumble and growl a good deal.
  • Indeed, no; we grumble and groan continually.
  • Mrs. Grumble agreed with her.
  • But I have nothing to grumble at.
  • Mrs. Grumble was dying.
  • Now I do not grumble at letters.
  • Dame Grumble would exclaim in vexation.
  • Dame Grumble would answer crossly.
  • It was a typical grumble of a British seaman.
  • Dame Grumble led him a dreadful life.
  • Even Diana found nothing to grumble at.
  • You must let me grumble to you, Thurstan.
  • Mrs. Grumble smiled; then she gave a sigh.
  • I don't suppose I've got more to grumble about than most.
  • But this Dame Grumble would not do.
  • Naturally Dame Grumble was more vexed than ever before.
  • Now what has old Boil O got to grumble about.
  • During the meal Mrs. Grumble was silent.
  • He began to grumble threateningly at Spotted Deer.
  • So in this book Dame Grumble now began to study diligently.
  • So all day long Dame Grumble dwelt on her woes.
  • Howard used to grumble a little over this to Mrs. Graves.
  • Then Mrs. Grumble raised her voice in prayer.
  • When I discuss I almost always grumble about something.
  • When Dame Grumble had gone, Freyo was greatly puzzled.

How To Use Grumble In A Sentence?

  • Don't grumble or whine.
  • What's he got to grumble about?
  • If they think of them at all it is to grumble about the cost of their upkeep.
  • It is curious that people do not grumble more at having to spell correctly.
  • He will not grumble at his bed or poke too shrewdly at his food.

Definition of Grumble

(intransitive) To make a low, growling or rumbling noise, like a hungry stomach or certain animals. | (intransitive) To complain; to murmur or mutter with discontent; to make ill-natured complaints in a low voice and a surly manner. | (transitive) To utter in a grumbling fashion.
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