Grunted In A Sentence

How To Use Grunted In A Sentence?

  • The braves grunted approval.
  • The colonel grunted assent.
  • Rawhide had grunted and dropped the subject.
  • Krannon grunted and turned it over in his hands.
  • The captain grunted protest.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grunted | Grunted Sentence

  • Ronny grunted his disgust.
  • Andy grunted agreement.
  • Holmes grunted from the sofa.
  • Luka grunted in assent.
  • Rothgar grunted scornfully.
  • Dworn grunted in realization.
  • Dingwell grunted sulkily.
  • Zephyr only grunted in reply.
  • Zephyr grunted absently.
  • Willie grunted with disgust.
  • Glass grunted contemptuously.
  • Neewa grunted sleepily.
  • Brucco only grunted and stamped out.
  • They all grunted agreement as to that.
  • Shearing grunted but did not speak.
  • The other grunted with satisfaction.
  • Jervaise grunted uneasily.
  • Terence grunted impatiently.
  • He grunted sympathetically.
  • Caroline grunted assent.
  • They grunted together for a while.
  • He grunted dubiously.
  • Kashaqua grunted her approval now and then.
  • Kipps grunted with effort.
  • The man grunted dubiously.
  • He grunted and turned away.
  • The trainer grunted sceptically.
  • Red-beard grunted for breath.
  • Lanpher grunted and gurgled with pain.
  • It grunted like a human.
  • The grizzled gentleman grunted again.
  • That celebrity grunted as he climbed down.
  • Then someone grunted with disgust.
  • His opponent grunted agony.
  • Sam grunted in a pleased way.

Definition of Grunted

simple past tense and past participle of grunt
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