Grunting In A Sentence

How To Use Grunting In A Sentence?

  • They moved about and made low grunting sounds as though they were a reindeer herd.
  • She heard them grunting and she looked up at them and saw that the basket contained three pigs.
  • He breathed stertorously, at times grunting and moaning with the pain of his sleep.
  • Again, not far behind him, three grunting savages were taking up the print of his moccasined feet.
  • A herd returning homewards overtook my cart, and with lowing, grunting and bleating moved by us.
  • A pace or two behind came Chalse with his pony and cart grunting hoarsely in his husky throat.
  • MacLean leaned forward, grunting his words earnestly, his face working with superstitious fear.
  • He continued pulling at his pipe, grunting as if in pleasant pain, which was the way Corp smoked.
  • Even when only half awake, I heard a strange, low grunting just outside the doorway.
  • She hath a cacling chete, a grunting chete, ruff pecke, cassan, and popplarr of yarum.
  • He held his eyes on Westby, who made a slow, grunting progress up three rungs and then stopped.
  • Meanwhile a grunting noise, 'Ha-ha-ha,' sonorous, even solemn, a savage mass, arose from the heap.
  • Both men were grunting and gasping now, and the sound of blows was as of the confused beating of carpets.
  • All this time he was dictating, now rapidly, now gurgling and grunting while he paused to find a word.
  • He heard the grunting and gasps of his own warriors and the clash of bodies and weapons around him....
  • Here they again looked round at us, grunting discontentedly, and then plunged into the water one by one.
  • Heavy footsteps clogged into the room, accompanied by stertorous breathing and no small amount of grunting from masculine throats.
  • A sound of wild boar plunges into the thickets, with much grunting and hubbub over the strange sight that flashes past them.
  • Out of the forest came the crying grunting hooting voices of its life that woke at nightfall, fiercer and more feverish than that of the daytime.
  • A pig, in a sty even more extemporary than the shanties, is grunting and poking his snout through the clefts of his habitation.
  • She had a peculiar way of addressing people, and sometimes her talk seemed more like the grunting of words strangely mixed.
  • We hung over a paling to watch the creased and discontented face of an old hog, grunting in shrill anticipation of a meal.
  • When the smoke cleared the creature had vanished, but from a distance came a queer grunting noise mingled with the hasty crashing of the bushes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grunting | Grunting Sentence

  • Thus we are all in a very grunting frame of mind.
  • Steamboats grunting and snoring up stream!
  • Neewa edged in, grunting affably.
  • I could hear him grunting even above that awful din.
  • There was a grunting demur, and no one rose.
  • Then Jerry heard a grunting sound somewhere close by.
  • As in nineteenth month, grunting (12,13).
  • Again and again came the grunting and the swishing of bushes.
  • The rest is grunting and grutching'.
  • The signification of the cooing and the grunting sounds remains the same.
  • The pig's run grunting homeward.
  • Calendar waddled to the brink of the stage, grunting with relief.
  • In fact, the great grunting beast was surly and cantankerous from the first.
  • And suckling pigs, the tender young Of some fine grunting sow!
  • The Mugger turned grunting into the undergrowth as Krishna rose.
  • A low, grunting sound, half bestial, half human, attracted my attention.
  • Fleetfoot mimicked the reindeer's movements and the grunting sounds they made.

Definition of Grunting

present participle of grunt | A sound that grunts.
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