Guano In A Sentence

Definition of Guano

dung from a sea bird or from a bat

How To Use Guano In A Sentence?

  • The dirt, too, the heavy deposit of guano upon the floor, made it almost revolting.
  • They breed on the guano islands in the North Pacific off the coasts of Alaska and Japan.
  • The German and Irish millions, like the Negro, have a great deal of guano in their destiny.
  • These islands have of late years become celebrated on account of the great quantity of guano that has been exported from them.
  • Several tons of guano have been taken out for fertilizing purposes, but no evidence has been discovered that it was ever a habitation for humans.
  • The price of the bushel of colored guano is one dollar and a quarter, and the price of the white from two to three dollars.
  • Then he pressed the guano down firmly, and sewed up the bag again, being provided with needles and an abundance of necessary cord.
  • As soon as the dealers in guano begin to work one of the beds, the island on which it is formed, is abandoned by the birds.
  • Unless the guano (and this is also true of most fertilizers) is faithfully mixed up with the soil, the seed will not vegetate.
  • In 1860 it was calculated that of the four thousand coolies who had been fraudulently consigned to the guano pits of Peru not one had survived.
  • The guano deposits of the low arid islands in the West Indies illustrate another mode of accumulation of organic material useful as a fertilizer.
  • His chief conversation was about cattle and manure, guano and composts, the famous white Chillingham oxen, or the last thing in strawberry roans.
  • He had bought his guano in bulk, and it had been put into bags under his own supervision, for it was only in bags that the ship which was to take it north would receive it.
  • He had hired a storehouse, as if he were going regularly into business, and from which he would dispose of his stock of guano after he had restored it to its original condition.
  • This is in a desert on the western slope of the Andes where ancient guano deposits have decomposed and there was not enough rain to wash away their salts.
  • You soon come to a large black hole, which has never been explored, but which is said to communicate with the large guano cave below, which has been already described.
  • It is perfectly practicable to bring guano material to the laboratory, and send away the same atomic elements transformed into the snow-white, silky crystals of theine.
  • This town has acquired some importance by the exportation of brandy; and it has recently become more active and populous owing to the near vicinity of the Guano islands.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Guano | Guano Sentence

  • We gave it the name of Guano Hall.
  • The guano rocks are isles and stepping stones of bird waste.
  • La explotacion de los criaderos de guano constituye otra industria importante.

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