Guardedly In A Sentence

How To Use Guardedly In A Sentence?

  • Very guardedly I explained how nearly I had been trapped, whereupon I heard him chuckle.
  • There was something in his tone which told her that he was warning his wife, cautioning her to speak guardedly of Pollard or not at all.
  • A minute later a Tory, who peeped guardedly for a shot, received a bullet through his head, and sank down on the floor.
  • He then gently and guardedly told her that he had got from Mrs. Browne the name of the family solicitor who paid for her keep.
  • Mrs. Clark, who was sitting hostilely on the edge of her chair, hugging to herself a little black bag, nodded her head guardedly in response.
  • The least preparation would have saved him, and we may be sure that there is wisdom in the popular idea that ill news should be gently and guardedly broken to such as must bear it.
  • By and by, U Myrsiang came walking by very cautiously, sniffing the air guardedly to try and discover if any hidden dangers lay in his path.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Guardedly | Guardedly Sentence

  • I replied guardedly that I liked him very well.
  • To all these questions he responded guardedly and courteously.
  • Garry finished speaking and then looked sharply but guardedly at Barrows.
  • It was the sound of men very guardedly rowing in the bay; and I told him so.

Definition of Guardedly

In a guarded manner.
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