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  • Surely my guardian spirit.
  • But my guardian angel had been at work.
  • There are also guardian saints of cities.
  • How have ye changed to guardian love!
  • Were the guardian angels driven out...?
  • You are the guardian angels of the home, which is your kingdom.
  • My guardian had the bell rung so as to make you return home.
  • Her guardian angel must have slipped his wings under her just in time.
  • Osiris becomes more important than the jackal-god as the guardian of the dead.
  • He had made an airship model which his guardian had maliciously destroyed.
  • But years of ease had buried the guardian of the law under layers of fat.
  • Some of them talked as if she were the guardian angel of Legitimacy.
  • He is a self-appointed guardian of the Prince and he is not to be sneered at.
  • But Imperia's guardian angel was kind.
  • The mother bird, guardian even in sleep, speaks drowsily to her children.
  • Apafi rode out to meet him, and saluted the Turks as his guardian angels.
  • She is the companion and guardian of Perseus no less than of Odysseus.
  • Good Mind; he is the head and the guardian of the living creation of Ahura.
  • The cow's guardian smiled broadly and openly and deliberately winked at Canby.

How To Use Guardian In A Sentence?

  • It was guardian of the house and protected the entrance against the fallen angel.
  • The quiet haven in the shadow of the guardian hills looks an ideal haunt of peace.
  • You shall come as my companion, now, or if you like as joint guardian to the child.
  • You must go away no more, but remain here as my friend, and as joint guardian of the child.
  • He got hold of the lost articles, which his guardian had secreted, and ran away from home.
  • May I never fall so low as to be talked of as a guardian of the accepted forms and laws.
  • He could not for a single second bring himself to suspect a guardian of the forest of being a woodland incendiary.
  • It is later that the rite becomes a mystery, known only to the professional guardian of the shrine or to the initiated few.
  • Eli with a few attendants was the guardian of the ark which was the symbol of the presence of Jehovah.
  • What was hers belonged surely just as much to her father, guardian for the little property until such time as she chose to ask him for it.
  • First, there is the belief in a moral guardian and father of men; this is expressed in the sacred hymns.
  • It was good for Orville that the guardian had been thus wise and the college authorities thus prudent.
  • Becoming guardian to his cousin, a girl of twelve, he put her to school for two years and then secretly married her.
  • The fact was that to find her guardian installed in a house with "a strange woman" had given the girl a great shock.
  • The workmen saw him go there, as if obeying a guardian hand, and converse with an unseen person for three quarters of an hour.
  • Here he took his seat, secure from the notice of the guardian shop-boy, whose attention was given to passengers on his own side.
  • A Cornish woman who chanced to find herself the guardian of an elf-child was given certain water with which to wash its face.
  • The sleepy guardian opened the door, touched his gold-braided cap in recognition, and led the way to the small electric lift.
  • Within it are erected an altar to, and statue of, the guardian angel, in fact the building had its Lararium.
  • She was full of spirit and vindictiveness, and as she was the legal guardian of Kate, she would not let her escape pass unnoticed.
  • The tremendous velvet robes of the purple evening shadows dropped slowly down upon the majestic shoulders of Carrizo, guardian of the valley.

Definition of Guardian

Someone who guards, watches over, or protects. | (law) A person legally responsible for a minor (in loco parentis). | (law) A person legally responsible for an incompetent person.
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