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  • The guerrilla never got further.
  • The wily guerrilla chieftain had fooled him completely.
  • End of Guerrilla War.
  • The whole guerrilla force is concealed in the stores and houses.
  • With a groan and a curse the guerrilla chieftain yielded himself a prisoner.
  • Dan had fired the same time Lawrence did and his guerrilla pitched headlong.
  • TOM SLADE, A Guerrilla Chief.
  • One of the Fighting Scouts: A Tale of Guerrilla Warfare in South Africa.

How To Use Guerrilla In A Sentence?

  • He would have had them if everyone who has played the part of guerrilla had responded.
  • The report of his shot had not died before he shot again and a second guerrilla fell.
  • But in spite of their motley the men were all fighters, tried by years of guerrilla warfare.
  • The rough guerrilla soldier was not the soldier of the dreams of the proud, aristocratic girl.
  • The remaining guerrilla had no stomach to continue the fight, and wheeled his horse to flee.
  • I am well acquainted in the State, and am known to most of the guerrilla leaders.
  • The name "Merrill Horse" became a terror to every bushwhacker and guerrilla in Missouri.
  • Most of his men were sharpshooters and he felt that they would be a match for those whom the guerrilla led.
  • It is far more likely that he met his death at the hands of a roving band of outlaws or guerrilla soldiery.
  • Most of them took him for a guerrilla fleeing from his foes, and looked in vain for blue-coated pursuers.
  • Jack made the promise, but was rather doubtful as to the expediency of sparing the life of a guerrilla guilty of murder.
  • During the intervening months, there was considerable fighting, though it was largely in the nature of guerrilla skirmishing.
  • Encouraged by this success in allaying guerrilla strife, he next endeavored to break up the existing political persecution and intrigues.
  • The guerrilla loss he reported at fifty-two left dead on the field and one hundred and twenty-five wounded.
  • To the Federal soldiers in pursuit she swore the guerrilla chieftain had passed by without stopping.
  • Jack dismount to fix his saddle girth, but there was no sign of a struggle there; no evidence that any guerrilla had been lying in ambush.
  • Such a guerrilla contest engages the worst passions of the combatants, and quarter is neither asked nor given when they come face to face.
  • Poindexter was now hiding in the woods and thickets along the Chariton, and numerous guerrilla bands were flocking to his standard.
  • Trained to a hair in guerrilla warfare, the remaining Colorados had spurred their beasts behind the horse herd.
  • For the first five months, the insurgents kept their opponents busy with an almost uninterrupted series of little engagements, a guerrilla warfare.
  • The guerrilla bands with their booty spread over the country, and the free-State men rose in a spirit of fierce retaliation.
  • Thus Hindman confesses he was encouraging the bloody guerrilla warfare which raged throughout the State.
  • The Communists, lacking sufficient support to occupy any broad contiguous territory, fell back on guerrilla fighting of their own.
  • He is said to be making for Kirksville, where he expects to be joined by the guerrilla bands of northwestern Missouri.
  • Returned settlers from Kansas went about the North telling horrible stories of guerrilla warfare, so colored as to throw the odium all on one side.
  • He turns it all over to Manuel, his Mexican foreman; and Manuel is in this guerrilla deviltry as big as anybody.
  • Utilizing the lessons of the Indian wars it has relentlessly followed the guerrilla bands to their fastness in mountain and jungle, and crushed them.
  • From their valour and topographical knowledge they have been very serviceable in carrying on the guerrilla warfare with the Carlists, and are the terror of brigands and evil-doers.
  • The warfare was conducted by the native Cubans mostly on the guerrilla plan, and was ten times more destructive to the imported soldiers than to themselves.
  • The guerrilla bands infesting this country were small, however, and he considered that with his fifty men he would be able to cope with any force he might meet.

Definition of Guerrilla

(military) Relating to, using, or typical of guerrilla warfare, or its principles of small independent or non-official perpetrators. | (marketing) Relating to, using, or typical of guerrilla marketing. | A soldier in a small independent group, fighting against the government or regular forces by surprise raids.
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