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  • Man is the most gullible of creatures.

How To Use Gullible In A Sentence?

  • Finding them, to all seeming, gullible and loquacious, she had even ventured on the Bishop.
  • Supported by a strange blend of the divine and ridiculous, the naive and the clever, the gullible and the knowing.
  • Our colleagues thought us spendthrifts and gullible foreigners, as they paid about thirty marks and got their own breakfast.
  • Everyone had a little sideline, a gimmick, to put one over on whoever was gullible enough to swallow it.
  • Usually they are fraudulent schemes of rascals who collect money from gullible persons and then put the money into their own pockets and nothing whatever is done.
  • But Samuel, in hope of inducing some gullible purchaser to run the risk, had the Field carefully fenced and put signs upon it.
  • The Egyptians for instance, had wonderful illusions that were freely used by their priests in the temples mainly for the extortion of money or valuables from their gullible disciples.

Definition of Gullible

Easily deceived or duped; naïve, easily cheated or fooled. | A gullible person; someone easily fooled or tricked.
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