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  • If you come to any gullies or holes where they might have fallen down be particularly careful.
  • The rocks and gullies enabled him to come so near that he could see within the range of light.
  • The obstacle course was about a mile long through woods, gullies and across water.
  • Undercut creek banks and exposed tree root-systems in eroded gullies were favorite hiding places.
  • Everywhere the plain is cracked by water-courses, which are simply deep, dry gullies in summer.
  • The wooded slopes were cut and gashed by gullies and ravines and now and then a fertile valley appeared.
  • The ravines and deep gullies supply them with the tall shapely trees from which they cut out their canoes.
  • Perennial ice lay in the gullies and on the north side of the cliffs, and the air was light and keen.
  • The gullies were dry at this season, but served in spring and summer to carry off the rushing water.
  • Deep gullies had been cut here and there, and occasionally they came across washed-out trees and brushwood.
  • Max worked his way onward across the gullies in the direction indicated by the dog's alarmed gaze.
  • The gullies increased in number, and many of the deep intersecting ravines ran far back into the mountains.
  • They crept through gullies and ravines and along the edges of the ridges, the darkness and the stone projections giving them shelter.
  • The modern superstition that haunts the desert gullies with Afreets has nothing in common with them.
  • Great quantities of pumice-stone and lava are seen in many parts of the hills, where they are broken and washed into gullies by the rain.
  • This gravel had exactly the appearance of that in gullies on the hills outside, and plainly dates back to the period at which the cave was formed.
  • The gullies and ravines were running bankful, and time and again the two were forced to plunge shoulder-deep into the icy waters.
  • It was a waste of hillocks and gullies and shell holes and blasted big trees and frayed copses and split bowlders and seared vegetation.
  • There were little gullies to leap over, and brooks to cross on watery stepping-stones that frequently betrayed the feet into icy water.
  • Plenty of tell-tale gullies declare the vehemence of the winter storms that beat above, and in many of these the rush of water never ceases.
  • The country was cut by a maze of ravines and gullies and studded with small hills, little pastures of excellent grass nestling between them.
  • Once above the long series of viaducts that keep the road on an even plane of ascent over gullies and chasms, the way ceases to be so steep.
  • On we drove, crossing dips in the track where foaming streams were now rushing along, while they roared down the gullies on either side.
  • The rain wore deep gullies down the hillside, which, as they grew larger, became more of a menace to the lands below them.
  • Further west there are gullies facing Kirkfell which are worth climbing, though there is much unsound rock.
  • All the steel throats in clumps of woods, under cover of road embankments, in gullies and on the reverse side of slopes, were speaking.
  • I descended into this yellow maze, this world of gullies and ridges where I found it difficult to keep from getting lost.
  • It is not a climb, but any one who is not content with the study of mountain form can find climbing in the little gullies which ascend the rocks above the rake.
  • On the higher ground to the right, Kennedy and Scott were riding where they could command the gullies of the precipitous left bank of the river.
  • The arroyo was cut by deep ruts and gullies down which the girl slid and tumbled in mad haste only to find rock masses over which she crawled with utmost difficulty.
  • After the sky cleared we skirmished about and dug up something that we could manage to eat, lodged in gullies where the water had washed together what had been in houses and cellars.
  • The ground, that had lately been frozen and covered with snow, was now changed into gullies and pools, and this was no time to be fastidious in the choice of paths.
  • The rest of the valley was crisscrossed with countless gullies worn by winter storms and floods, and the army was compelled to march in a slender file in the bed of the arroyo.
  • Range after range sweeps and rolls away, while ravines and gullies and basins open upon the rivers, with tumbling creeks or graceful cascades pouring through them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gullies | Gullies Sentence

  • There were deep gullies on either side.
  • Water ran in little gullies and glistened on the sagebrush.
  • Two very fine gullies face Sprinkling Tarn.
  • Towards the foot of the tarn the gullies are much less severe.
  • Meanwhile, remember that those gullies too will have been made by water.
  • At times they ran from the path to follow little gullies of heavy snow.

Definition of Gullies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gully | plural of gully
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