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  • Reach down and pull my belt gun for me.
  • Cleared away starboard gun for action.
  • I have one and a ball-and-shot gun for you.
  • I wish I had brought a gun for that dog!
  • Do git down an' pick up the gun for me.
  • Lloyd made Grenadine squat down and he readied his gun for defence.

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  • The gun for which we had come was in the rear chamber, limbered up and ready for use.
  • Calluvius is credited with the invention of a submarine gun for projecting Greek fire.
  • I sold my gun for sixty dollars, half what it was worth, and did jobbing enough to keep me alive.
  • My English friend had already cleaned his gun for amusement, and I had looked on.
  • Even if he were never to mount a horse or fire a gun for the rest of his life, what would such a sacrifice be for such a mother?
  • So sudden was the catastrophe that no one could fire a gun for help or for warning to the other ships, which were following closely.
  • During our spring offensive in 1917, we had roughly one heavy gun for every twenty-six meters of front.
  • General Rackiron informed us that he was hard at work on a portable terrorite gun for aerial warfare.
  • I carried my gun along every day, but for the want of a chance to kill any game a single load would remain in my gun for a month.
  • The old man clasped his boy in his arms, and then, overcome by the powerful excitement, he leaned upon a gun for support.
  • I was now so sick that I was ordered to the rear, but begged off, and a comrade offered to carry my gun for me, so I kept up.
  • One can understand this idea in regard to a gun for which a man should be measured as for a coat, but with a rod it is different, and should be made to vary with the type of fishing practised.

Definition of Gun For

(transitive) To strive for the downfall or diminution of another. | (transitive) To pursue as a goal; to work hard to achieve.
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