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How To Use Gunboats In A Sentence?

  • The gunboats were drawn up in line, and were firing as fast as they could.
  • Several of these gunboats were iron-clad about the bow, and had iron beaks or spurs.
  • The gunboats continued to advance, beating up slowly against the strong current.
  • Two gunboats accomplished the feat of running the batteries, that their smiles might be sobered.
  • As he did, he saw a missile flash out from one of the gunboats like a thrown knife.
  • With a fleet of ethereal gunboats we might colonise the solar system, and annex the stars.
  • The gunboats drew off to the far western shore and lay there, puffing smoke defiantly.
  • The government was thinking of placing gunboats to occupy and to defend the Western waters.
  • The orders of the cavalry were to reconnoitre Omdurman; of the gunboats to bombard it.
  • To strengthen the flotilla three new and very powerful gunboats had been ordered in England.
  • For the final phase of the campaign three new gunboats had been ordered from England.
  • Several of the gunboats were considerably injured, but none of them lost except the Varuna.
  • The other gunboats remained in action, and continued to shell the Dervish defences.
  • The gunboats ceaselessly patrolled the river, and exchanged shots with the Dervish forts.
  • On the first night the Spaniards sent out a great number of mortar gunboats and armed launches.
  • In order to enforce the law, Congress ordered a number of gunboats to be built.
  • The efforts of our gunboats to stop the traffic were futile, as I have heretofore remarked.
  • Lieutenant Perry was ordered to superintend the building of a fleet of these gunboats at Newport.
  • Government and gunboats may open a land, but it is the men of the Overseas Club that keep it open.
  • The results of the movement of the gunboats to Dongola must, however, be looked for at Hafir.
  • Later Allied gunboats ascended the Pinega River and that area was once more restored to safety.
  • Consider for a moment the advantage to the north of having gunboats and the disadvantage to the south of not having them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gunboats | Gunboats Sentence

  • The decks of the gunboats were swept more than once.
  • The Spanish gunboats were attacking the south.
  • The career of some of the gunboats subsequent to the war is interesting.
  • I know the names of all the gunboats that came up the river.
  • Under cover of the gunboats the infantry and guns were landed.
  • All the water round the gunboats was torn into foam by the projectiles.
  • After the arrival of the gunboats events began to move at the double.
  • The flanks were secured by the gunboats lying moored in the stream.
  • His experience in constructing gunboats at Newport was now of avail to him.
  • To pass the Nile in the face of the gunboats appeared impossible.
  • Three gunboats and two brigs were launched and equipped in May.
  • There was a stiff fight, in which the Union gunboats did good work.
  • The gunboats joined in the chase, and but one Confederate vessel escaped.
  • The gunboats then returned to Berber, towing a dozen captured grain-boats.
  • The gunboats continued on their way and proceeded as far as Wad Habeshi.
  • It was one of our gunboats bound from Ilo Ilo back to Manila.
  • The King of Naples loaned six gunboats and two lombards to Commodore Preble.
  • The enemy's gunboats contained forty men each and ours the same.

Definition of Gunboats

plural of gunboat
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