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  • Instantly it gushes out again at every pore.
  • Blasts of wind and great gushes of rain swept over him.
  • His head is cleft in twain And gushes forth the brain.
  • How it gushes and struggles out From the throat of the overflowing spout!
  • Then, a fine thread of light, goes trailing, Then gushes up in fiery streams.

How To Use Gushes In A Sentence?

  • Hurst heard these soft gushes of melody, and mocked his previous anxiety with a smile.
  • Water gushes from his mouth, and when there are (people) passing by they drink it.
  • There was no weeping; but dry sobs broke from her lips like gushes of lava from a crater.
  • Then the old place where he lived dries up; but a fresh spring of water gushes from his new lodge.
  • Thereupon, she sucks up the blood which gushes forth from the victim, partaking thus of the sacrifice.
  • A breeze had sprung up from the north, bringing gushes of heat and jungle fragrance across the summit of the hill.
  • There is such a fount, but not here: it gushes in the courts of that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
  • Well, when we stood on the stun balcony over the spot where the central cascade gushes out, what a seen lay spread out before us.
  • The lake lies dim and milky, the mountains are dark blue at the back, while over them the sky gushes and glistens with light.
  • The Saxon melancholy in the vulgar rich and poor appears as gushes of ill-humor, which every check exasperates into sarcasm and vituperation.
  • I have found a salmon where the Rhine spring gushes from beneath the mountains, and a very cunning salmon he is, for no common skill can catch him.
  • Water gushes from a dark rock in the centre of the picture, and Moses, with hands folded, offers thanks for the miracle.
  • Across the course hangs the shoulder of a hill, and from the fastnesses of the hill a brook gushes down to the sea through the boulders that bestrew its banks.
  • Yes, the countenance of Mabel Harrington brightened into beauty then, and it was one which the heart leaped toward with gushes of tenderness.
  • It is worth being ill, to enjoy such pure happiness, and to feel the gratitude which gushes up from our hearts at being permitted to see again the loveliness of creation.
  • It sends out its gushes of warmth and brightness, its gay little arrowy flames that appear and disappear like elves dancing their midnight waltzes on a barren moor.
  • In the center is a big pool of water, constantly renewed, which gushes in clean and eddies out soapy, carrying with it the impurities of the village linen.
  • The rain first falls on the distant mountains, and finding its way downward through the fissures of rocky ledges, pursues its course until it gushes forth in the bed of the gulf.

Definition of Gushes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gush | plural of gush
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