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  • Did not Guthrie know and honor him?
  • But all Guthrie knew differently.
  • Fred Guthrie has got the jumps.
  • Altogether unexpectedly Guthrie burst out laughing.
  • By Thomas Guthrie Marquis.
  • Paul M. Thompson and J. H. Guthrie of Co.
  • He apologised to Howard for having mentioned the subject of Guthrie to him.
  • Mr. Guthrie now requested that the witness Ferguson might be recalled.
  • Then came her letter saying she was Guthrie Warren's sister.

How To Use Guthrie In A Sentence?

  • They were to dine at a restaurant, he believed, and probably Guthrie would be free to join them.
  • Upon this motion of Mr. Guthrie there followed some discussion among the lawyers.
  • The thought of Guthrie with his charm, his wealth, his aplomb, fell cold on his heart.
  • Something in the new vitality of the tone made Guthrie stop whatever he was doing and eye her suspiciously.
  • Meditatively Donas Guthrie refilled his pipe and evidently illuminated both the tobacco and the situation with the same match.
  • It was then that Donas Guthrie asked his simple question, boring his khaki-colored elbows into his khaki-colored knees.
  • Mr. Guthrie has caught the cockney in the very act of cockneyism, and he has here pilloried him for all time, but wholly without bitterness or rancor.
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