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How To Use Gutted In A Sentence?

  • Everywhere he saw houses gutted and doors burst in, and traces of a cruelty and a fanaticism almost incredible.
  • In others, walls stood gaunt and blackened where the fire had gutted them, causing roofs and windows to fall in.
  • The interior was most disastrously gutted and "restored" in 1731: its open wooden roof masked by a false stucco vaulting.
  • Here a partly burned structure, gutted but still erect, stood like a grim, articulated skeleton, a gaunt scarecrow against the skyline.
  • He not only cut off enough of his foot to weigh three or four pounds, but completely gutted the coffee sack in which his foot was done up at the time.
  • The cannonade resumed with redoubled fury, and the guns did not fall silent until nothing was left to stir amid the gutted and blazing wreckage that had been the citadel of the drones.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gutted | Gutted Sentence

  • They were all gutted and demolished.
  • Then they gutted place and store-houses.
  • The fish is afterwards gutted in the following manner.
  • The safe was gutted and the money divided among the men.
  • They found their house gutted and sacked and sullied to the remotest corner.
  • They had gutted all the stores, and destroyed what they could not carry away.
  • Turchin's brigade preceded us, and has gutted many houses.
  • They reminded me of the captive Jews holding worship in their gutted Temple.
  • AUGUST 15, 1916 Rode to Brest, which is gutted by fire.

Definition of Gutted

(not comparable) Eviscerated. | With the most important parts destroyed (often by fire), removed or rendered useless. | (chiefly archaic) Having a gut or guts.
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