Guttering In A Sentence

Definition of Guttering

(of a small flame) flickering and about to be extinguished | present participle of gutter | Gutters collectively.

How To Use Guttering In A Sentence?

  • A candle guttering beside the open window betrayed the utter nakedness of the place.
  • Indeed, the one that burned was already guttering low in the old brass candlestick.
  • A guttering candle, stuck in a bottle neck, veiled rather than revealed the sordid interior.
  • The buildings blazed up like tissue paper lanterns used when the guttering candles touched their sides.
  • The candles, which had been burning now for several hours, had, unnoticed by all, been gradually guttering and spluttering out.
  • The clang of hammers, the guttering of drills, the whine of steel planes smote his ears in a cheerful din of labor.
  • We to-day cannot conceive of the horror of living in clammy darkness lighted only by the feeble, guttering flames of little bronze lamps.
  • Had the offender been a man, Buck would have snuffed out his life with as little remorse as he would a guttering candle.
  • For roar that dumbed the gale My hawse-pipes guttering wail, Sobbing my heart out through the uncounted watches.
  • Candles were guttering to their end, the long chamber, the inn itself seemed strangely silent and the broad casement already glimmered with the dawn.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Guttering | Guttering Sentence

  • Horrible guttering tallow smoked and stunk in passages.
  • Inside the barn the guttering candles were burning low.
  • Meanwhile I write to you by a guttering candle.
  • The candle was guttering low in its bronze socket when Peter awoke.
  • A candle stood flaring and guttering on a stool, and as I passed I took it up.

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