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  • Cherry laughed with a guttural joy.
  • In guttural tones and raucous.
  • And then a guttural level jumble of sounds.
  • Hokar gave a guttural cry and gasped.
  • Suddenly the boy gave a guttural cry.
  • This time he heard voices speaking in low guttural tones.
  • But w is a labial letter, quho a guttural sound.
  • Paula interposes eagerly, in her deep, guttural tones.
  • Penny swung, startled, toward the thick, guttural voice.
  • There still resounded through the room the awful guttural groans.
  • Suddenly it uttered a guttural cry, and was answered by twenty more.
  • The halfbreed saw this, and he cried out something in a guttural voice.
  • A guttural sound came from the old man's throat.
  • A low guttural sound appeared to come from this ill-omened bird.
  • Carlos was taken aback, and he made a guttural exclamation of surprise.
  • A second voice, farther away, answered with a guttural purring.
  • It is possible that the sound always remained a guttural in the North.
  • Arenberg, a man of few words, uttered a low guttural sound like a growl.
  • When the dog started to meet Parker a guttural command stopped him.
  • After a time I heard a low guttural footstep approaching up the hill.
  • To this remark Miranda uttered an almost inaudible guttural sound of assent.
  • I had been there but a moment when I heard deep, guttural groans.
  • From the deck overhead came guttural shouts in German and fainter answers.
  • Her companion gave a guttural chuckle; I could feel him leering.
  • Then (said I) a labial letter can not symboliz a guttural syllab.
  • A guttural exclamation from Count Vassilan drew all eyes to him.
  • The deep "gh" guttural is not usually attempted by English speakers.
  • The thrice-confounded creatures!" growled the visitor in a guttural voice.
  • Lem's jaw dropped, and he uttered a throat sound, guttural and rough.

How To Use Guttural In A Sentence?

  • Several made sharp, guttural noises which he guessed meant gratification or amusement.
  • The rickshaw boy was still making guttural sounds, softly plucking at his sleeve.
  • He pronounced the fearful word with an emphatic guttural tone, which gave it a terrific effect.
  • The whiskered gentleman replied in a guttural tone, which proclaimed his origin to be German.
  • I heard the crash of blows, an oath of surprise, a guttural exclamation, a groan of pain.
  • A grunt was the reply of one, a guttural "Buffalo, yes," the answer of the other.
  • The boys were near enough to the dusky sentries now to hear their voices as they exchanged an occasional guttural remark.
  • A guttural exclamation from him makes them start and look towards the door, but he closes it before they can see him.
  • As she appeared on the platform, from outside there came a sigh of disappointment, then guttural voices bidding.
  • Then they run to him with a peculiar guttural cry, and, having been supplied, forget the herder immediately.
  • It wasn't an animal suddenly frightened from its lair, for the weird, guttural cry was human.

Definition of Guttural

Sounding harsh and throaty. | (phonetics) Articulated at the back of the mouth. | (medicine, anatomy) Of, relating to, or connected to the throat.
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