Gutturals In A Sentence

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  • It was a strange tongue he spoke, with many gutturals and sibilants.
  • He scatters labials, dentals, and gutturals in all directions.

How To Use Gutturals In A Sentence?

  • His voice was still in unemotional gutturals when he delivered the longest speech of his life.
  • They were the German gutturals of Luffberg, one of the oilers on the twelve-to-six watch.
  • There were certain deep gutturals and mouthings that Grenville was sure his tiger only could produce.
  • In place of martial airs and musical utterance, there rose upon the ear a strange din of harsh gutturals and singular sibilation.
  • Slowly the two recrossed the hall, talking together in low gutturals and not apparently of unpleasant things, for a note of laughter sounded.

Definition of Gutturals

plural of guttural
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