Gymnasium In A Sentence

Definition of Gymnasium

(formal) A large room or building for indoor sports. | A type of secondary school in some European countries which typically prepares students for university. | (historical) A public place or building where Ancient Greek youths took exercise, with running and wrestling grounds, baths, and halls for conversation.

How To Use Gymnasium In A Sentence?

  • What is lost or overlooked in the gymnasium cannot be acquired at the university.
  • He got him to the gymnasium and stretched him out there and set the doctors to work on his head.
  • To them the piano keyboard is a kind of gymnasium attached to a musical instrument.
  • From the other side of the gymnasium door came an unceasing and mysterious shuffling sound.
  • After supper we had an hour before study hall which we usually spent in the gymnasium dancing.
  • A big gymnasium full of the best appliances and latest helps to physical culture.
  • The only subject that she really liked was dancing, which the gymnasium instructor taught.
  • Its only lack is a gymnasium and a field for athletic sports, but these may in time be added.
  • He attended the gymnasium of his native place, and was originally intended to study theology.
  • But they can tread the gymnasium floor where Creon and many another victor wrestled.
  • Busching had unheard-of difficulty to rebuild the old Gymnasium at Berlin into a new.
  • She was a college gymnasium teacher home on her summer vacation; her name was Miss Raper.
  • Hegel received his early education at the Latin School and the Gymnasium of his native town.
  • The temple and walls and gymnasium were all of stone and looked as though they had been there forever.
  • Then they were trotted off to the gymnasium and the 'varsity substitutes took their places.
  • It was a loud and harsh voice from the doorway of the gymnasium that startled all of the assembled cadets.
  • Any of the six who enters the gymnasium during the prohibited time must report herself to me at once in the library.
  • The real thing to be trained in the gymnasium and on the athletic field is the heart rather than the muscles.
  • They were some three dozen very tired youths who finally straggled back to the gymnasium when the work was over.
  • The racecourse which became the arena on that occasion was during all the time of my residence there used by me daily as a gymnasium for exercise.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gymnasium | Gymnasium Sentence

  • After this the rehearsals in the gymnasium went on briskly.
  • Around and around the gymnasium floor they struggled.
  • Their gymnasium suits would be just the thing in camp.
  • The gymnasium has a small cabinet of natural history.
  • Already the gymnasium began to assume a festive appearance.
  • The gymnasium charge is kept in a like ratio.
  • Allen die tot het gymnasium behooren, kennen mij.
  • Vorjahr hatte das Gymnasium ihm einen Fackelzug gebracht.
  • He's got a gymnasium up at the top.
  • So they left the river and passed the gymnasium and the gate.
  • Then we rushed over to the gymnasium to join our gang of wardheelers.
  • After their bath the girls got into their gymnasium costumes.
  • Their meeting in the gymnasium had lasted less than ten minutes.
  • And we sneaked around back of the gymnasium and in among the trees.
  • Above all, anything you think appropriate to a gymnasium and terrace.
  • After that, Steve was gloomily silent until the gymnasium was reached.
  • It looks about as much like a gymnasium as I look like a contortionist.
  • The Whitehead gymnasium was a big, high ceilinged room with small windows.
  • Marcus Musurus, 1470-1517, lecturer in Gymnasium Caballini Montis.
  • We only have hockey in the winter term, with gymnasium work when it's wet.

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