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How To Use Gymnasts In A Sentence?

  • At last the two gymnasts reached the lowest branches, and I breathed more freely.
  • These gymnasts have perfected the mechanism of the body, but they have given it nothing to do that is worth doing.
  • It moulded their literature, as it did their sculpture, architecture, and the action of their gymnasts and orators.
  • There is nothing in the externals of lion-tamers, steeple-climbers, divers, balloonists, or gymnasts to betray their unusual calling.
  • Never once, not even at Chicago, in the perilous toe swing, when even the other gymnasts told her she would certainly be killed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gymnasts | Gymnasts Sentence

  • People have an idea that gymnasts are supple-jointed.

Definition of Gymnasts

plural of gymnast
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Gymnasts in a sentence

Gymnasts sentence

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