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  • The country was evidently habitable and inhabited.
  • No building was habitable and no field fit for the plow.
  • The place as a habitable town simply did not exist.
  • London, moreover, is rendered habitable by hansom cabs.
  • His private rooms were the only habitable parts of the house.
  • His realm will yet extend to the confines of the habitable earth.
  • How beautiful, how sweetly habitable it looked in the morning sunshine!
  • Grant, please make my room as habitable as possible for this young lady.
  • Michael Sunlocks was then on the edge of the habitable world.
  • What authority had Ludlow for fixing a habitable land in this spot?
  • Hence the room, and indeed the whole house, looked habitable and comfortable.
  • The room looked far more habitable when Steve had switched the light on.
  • A brass lamp, placed on a table, formed the centre of this habitable spot.
  • La rendre, s'il se peut, plus habitable est notre affaire.

How To Use Habitable In A Sentence?

  • It is a difficult task to render habitable premises that are falling into ruins.
  • It was suggested that we seek another habitable planet to which our people could migrate.
  • I venture to say that, at the present moment, it is the dearest place in the habitable globe.
  • After a search he found the ancient Castle Gauntmoor still habitable and for sale.
  • It was reported that habitable caves with spacious rooms occur on the Isboll farms, near Limrock.
  • I have letters from Leghorn, Cape Horn, and every known part of the habitable globe.
  • Altogether they constitute perhaps the most extensive association of crowned heads in the habitable globe.
  • It was not for some months after this date that the transport officers were allowed to move their camp to a more habitable spot.
  • Napoleon thanked the honest yeomen, and determined to make the only habitable dwelling there his headquarters.
  • We stopped very gladly at the earliest reached of the two hotels which render habitable the heights of the mountain.
  • We seem to think that the earth must go through the ordeal of sheep-pasturage before it is habitable by man.
  • It is by means of applied science that the earth can be made habitable and a decent human life made possible.
  • The inside of the cemetery was lighted by a lamp that shewed it was furnished with those articles of comfort which rendered it an habitable abode.
  • He gives a habitable air to the forest, and one feels as if the rightful occupant was really at home.
  • It is a long and narrow valley of verdure and fruitfulness, completely insulated from the rest of the habitable world.
  • He gives a habitable air to the forest, and one feels as if the rightful occupant was really at home.
  • But everyone knows that the Americans are just the bravest people on the face of the habitable arth.
  • To the stranger, who came to see the house and its gorgeous decorations, all seemed suggestive of habitable enjoyment.
  • To make the hut habitable we still had to construct benches of stone to lie upon inside it, and also a door.
  • Even the elevated railroad and the subway might be opened to conversation, and the city made habitable for mild voiced and gentle folk.
  • The world has been further benefited by the knowledge of Salvation spread throughout every part of the habitable globe.
  • For alle the parties of see and of lond han here appositees, habitable or trepassables, and thei of this half and bezond half.
  • In Australia huge artesian wells have made habitable for man and beast millions of acres that were before desert.
  • One author, indeed, in his theological zeal, went much further in modifying the conceptions of the habitable world.
  • Fortunately, in savage life still extant on the habitable globe we have the survival of many, if not of all, the earliest types of locomotion.
  • It was my intention to dwell in the Hotel Clericy until that house could be made habitable for the ladies.

Definition of Habitable

Safe and comfortable, where humans, or other animals, can live; fit for habitation.
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