Hacked In A Sentence

Definition of Hacked

simple past tense and past participle of hack

How To Use Hacked In A Sentence?

  • There they both stayed all night until they were hacked out with a chisel in the morning.
  • Six hired daggers hacked the life out of them and their hearts from their bodies.
  • A bear had been brought in, and was being hacked in pieces to add to the broth.
  • In cases of amputation the limb is hacked off by repeated blows of a heavy chopper.
  • Their helmets and scarfs were hacked to pieces, and hung in fragments about their shoulders.
  • Every tree is hacked down, and the wild pigs are rooting out the yams and sweet potatoes.
  • The man was all cut up, pretty nearly hacked in small pieces, for he was the bravest of all.
  • The deploring finger of the watchful Christopher pointed out butts hacked off head high.
  • The furniture had been hacked to pieces by the Cossacks, books, utensils, all destroyed.
  • For a few moments his eyes grew misty as he glanced down at the date and name he had painfully hacked upon it.
  • With blistered hands and burning lungs he hacked at the tough strands of hemp with his pocket-knife.
  • The wreckage was torn and hacked and splintered until first one gun and then another roared into action again.
  • Lewis Paine, who brutally hacked at Secretary Seward while Booth was assassinating the President.
  • They were then given over to the cruel mob, and were hacked to death, firm in their faith to the last.
  • The niches over the altar have been hacked level with the wall, and the little pillar piscina is also defaced.
  • They were the sole survivors of the massacre, and the site of the camp was literally piled with hacked and mangled corpses.
  • The lower end was hacked off with some blunt implement, and as nearly squared as it could be done with such means.
  • He split their hearts with his knife, before he also went down under a saber stroke and was hacked to bits as he lay on the ground.
  • And they took their knives and hatchets, and hacked the dun horse and gashed his flesh, and cut him into small pieces.
  • Some books were burned and others hacked and maimed, or trodden under foot; many were carried away into the neighbouring villages.
  • He had been so hacked in long campaigning that men said that pagans had written out the whole Koran on his face with their sabres.
  • The Malay drew his parang and hacked away at the creature's nose until he let go.
  • He hacked at the creepers and tore them aside, and having cleared a path, drew her towards the gloomy walls visible through gaps in the foliage.
  • He was {52} hacked to pieces under the eyes of his powerless men; and four soldiers also fell beneath the furious onslaught.
  • Then with much toil we hacked and rent the hard flesh open, and as we did so I heard the knife point grate upon the gems within.
  • With maddening difficulty, Maurice and Macgregor hacked a road through willow thickets and got the toboggan past.
  • When that occurred the spurs of the knight were hacked from his heels, a ceremony overwhelming in the simplicity with which it proclaimed him unfit to ride and therefore for chivalry.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hacked | Hacked Sentence

  • These we hacked into paddles.
  • Bull cried it while he hacked at the cords.
  • Twice the knife hacked the livid face.
  • He was hacked and stabbed to death on his own deck.
  • Sooner would I be hacked into small pieces.
  • With it he hacked off a shaving and held it up to the light.
  • Through the undergrowth they hacked and hewed and fought and bled and died.
  • With the bloody sword he hacked off the sharp points of the bamboo stakes.
  • Finding one, she ran to him and hacked at the rope till he was free.
  • They hacked their way into the trench, but their triumph was short-lived.
  • Does he know that I would be hacked to pieces rather than harm him?
  • That door, stout as it is, can be hacked through, blown in, or battered down.
  • I can't bear to see this lovely one hacked out at auction rooms.

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