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  • And what a hackneyed story it is!
  • Is there a name less hackneyed for it?
  • The abused and hackneyed psychological moment had arrived!
  • I am going to use a very commonplace and hackneyed simile.
  • She was, in one hackneyed word, attractive.
  • The sign rhymes of Willenhall belong to the hackneyed type.
  • All familiar joints and hackneyed interpretations are absent.
  • The stories were simple and as hackneyed as most of those current in England.
  • How easy the hackneyed phrase "taking steps" sounded to Caius!
  • It has become quite a hackneyed remark since," said Adele.

How To Use Hackneyed In A Sentence?

  • But the old and hackneyed saying about the darkest hour just before the dawn was never more true.
  • But to-night he found his mind flooded with the most hackneyed and commonplace reflections.
  • A woman touched his arm; her hackneyed greeting filled him with inexpressible horror.
  • A hackneyed legend runs that the devil tried to learn it, and dislocated his jaw.
  • The effect, to use a hackneyed but convenient phrase, can better be imagined than described.
  • They show us, in survival, what the now hackneyed main roads were like three generations ago.
  • Callisthenes is a commonplace and hackneyed piece of business, like a good many Greeks.
  • The same string reverberates even in the thrice and thousand times hackneyed Harp of Tara.
  • With many a hackneyed wile, With ungrammatical lips, And corns that mar her trips.
  • With many a hackneyed wile, With ungrammatical lips, And corns that mar her trips!
  • Patti again was increased by the fact that the work in which she was to appear was not a hackneyed one.
  • The gift of writing comes nearer to being their one common trait than do beauty and all the other hackneyed siren charms.
  • Possibly some readers may shy away from my book, deeming that its subject is hackneyed and worn out.
  • They criticised the birds for their hackneyed style of singing, and the flowers for their hackneyed scents and colors.
  • Many speakers become so addicted to certain hackneyed phrases that those used to hearing them speak can see them coming sentences away.
  • It was neither hackneyed nor bizarre, and, while it contained some interesting things, had no superfluities.
  • And the answer to that conundrum is the same that serves for the question concerning the hackneyed snowball in the Inferno.
  • No one could put into a rather hackneyed old hymn-tune such an appeal who had never known the meaning of the words.
  • If looks could kill, to use that hackneyed but still expressive term, he would have died there and then.
  • The hackneyed recitation, if rendered better than ever before, will win more applause than a fresh bit carelessly studied.
  • There must be nothing feigned or hypocritical; no hackneyed phrases used without meaning, or intonations of assumed solemnity.
  • Those lines are hackneyed until every poetaster can quote them or parody them at will; but very few readers consider that the bitter verse summarises a whole literature.
  • I beg the reader however to consider that the subject is not a hackneyed one, that mine has not been the work of the compiler who remodels the brain-work of others.
  • The details of the tragedy had become hackneyed in his own consciousness, but their significance, their surfeit of horror, revived on witnessing their effect on others.
  • Their first and most delicate passions are hackneyed on unworthy objects here, and they carry home the dregs, insufficient to make themselves or anybody else happy.
  • A similar hackneyed fault is the too frequent application of the name of some historical or Biblical personage to describe the character of some person of whom we are writing.
  • And yet when I thought that all this, those poor hackneyed words, expressed a sincere passion I could have found in my heart to be sorry for him.
  • You know the stale old hackneyed cry of the anti-socialists, how it would be no use equalising conditions because each man would soon return again to his original state.

Definition of Hackneyed

Repeated too often. | (dated) Let out for hire. | simple past tense and past participle of hackney
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