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  • Bruce had actually eloped!
  • She had actually charms.
  • He had actually got a brief for me!
  • The voyage had actually commenced.
  • He had actually schemed to get me!
  • He had actually read my story!
  • Sadie had actually never before thought of that.
  • It was a truthful picture of what had actually happened.
  • And yet the thing had actually happened.
  • What had actually taken place he knew not.
  • She had actually come in a ship from across the sea!
  • And the little woman had actually tears in her eyes.
  • There was no mistake; she had actually asked him.
  • He had actually carried those despatches across the creek!
  • The night had actually passed without any sign of alarm.
  • Dan was sober nowadays; he had actually improved.
  • It was morning by now, and the sun had actually risen.
  • He had actually forgotten Shannon!
  • I had actually, when engaged to her, cast her aside.
  • And Burgess had actually cursed before sympathising.
  • Her father, in his anxiety, had actually reached ferocity.
  • So I had actually been running about for seven hours.
  • I had seen her again, I had actually spoken with her.
  • And by morning dawn I had actually taught her to speak.
  • Perhaps Sergeant Collard had actually recognised the boy.
  • Perhaps Sergeant Collard had actually recognized the boy.
  • And Mr. Bartley had actually seen the shooting?
  • And Mrs. Alston had actually sewed for a living!
  • He had actually run off with the horse of this beautiful being.
  • It was not until he had actually commenced his lunch that anything happened.
  • All that she had actually said was perfectly insignificant and trivial.
  • It was as though he then first realized what had actually been attempted.
  • Somebody had actually demanded that words should be uttered articulately!
  • Therefore resentment came more readily than if he had actually loved.
  • I confess myself entirely puzzled as to what had actually occurred.
  • It was several days before we heard what had actually happened.
  • The only nonchalant man of the lot was he who had actually used the weapon.
  • It had actually happened, the incredible of which she had dreamed.
  • She had never thought of any such plan as had actually sprung to light.

How To Use Had Actually In A Sentence?

  • That was why she wanted to find out more than she knew already of what had actually happened.
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