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How To Use Had Experienced In A Sentence?

  • Thrilling adventures were for them the spice of life after what they had experienced that summer.
  • I had experienced the same sensation coming out of the ether after my operation.
  • Once more she had experienced the sensation of standing on the brink of tragedy.
  • This was almost the highest temperature we had experienced throughout the expedition.
  • He was not insensible to the compliment, but it was one he had experienced before.
  • One after another arose and told the tale of the treatment that he had experienced.
  • With all her heart she longed for another adventure as exciting as the one she had experienced.
  • Hitherto they had experienced no greater hardships than they had expected, and were prepared for.
  • He had found the object the room contained for which he had experienced a premonitory fear.
  • They were glowing, and he felt the same fascination he had experienced in the afternoon.
  • The mother had experienced a strong desire to see a watch while she was pregnant with this child.
  • Though he concealed it, he had experienced a considerable trepidation concerning the outcome.
  • If he had experienced discomfort under the river, what would it be like under the ocean?
  • She had experienced the same inward impatience, but had learned a greater self-control.
  • Long had it been since the old lady had experienced in a single day so many powerful sensations.
  • Roger was so astonished that he did not perceive that Annette had experienced a shock.
  • This was one of the most trying marches they had experienced, and a large number of men fell out.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Had Experienced | Had Experienced Sentence

  • She had experienced it all before.
  • But all that he had experienced had been desire.
  • He felt dazed by all he had experienced.
  • He had experienced the torment of the straightjacket.
  • He had experienced it many times before.
  • Murk had experienced similar pains.
  • The paroxysm had been one of the worst he had experienced.
  • She had experienced a sudden sensation of nausea.
  • He had seen it all, had experienced it all.
  • He had experienced a disconcerting personal attack.
  • She had experienced the first great jolt of her life.
  • The older house had experienced a chequered career.
  • Daniel had experienced no alarm, and now he felt no anger.
  • She had experienced what I had experienced.
  • In reaching London he had experienced no difficulty.
  • I thought you said it was to be something you had experienced.
  • He thought again of the feeling of discomfort he had experienced.
  • These were dangers that he knew, for he had experienced them.
  • It was the first moment of happiness these brave people had experienced.
  • The moment had come, the moment which he had experienced only in dreams.
  • He thought he had experienced enough adventure to make a good beginning.
  • They knew the dangers of tyranny, for they had experienced it first-hand.
  • The night down in that deep, open canyon was the coldest we had experienced.
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