Had Felt In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Had Felt | Had Felt Sentence

  • She had felt for him.
  • She had felt so once before.
  • We had felt the ground.
  • And she felt now as she had felt then.
  • Stronger than he had felt it in years.
  • She had felt that at once on meeting him.
  • He had felt that it would be.
  • He had felt that grip before.
  • More than once she had felt angry.
  • I had felt it already myself.
  • He said that he had felt all that.
  • Hitherto he had felt no fear.
  • They both had felt the imperativeness of it.
  • She had felt it for weeks.
  • I had felt no wonder.
  • I had felt the rock move!
  • He had felt sleepy after dinner.
  • Job had felt it more plainly than he had heard it.
  • I had seen the process and had felt it.
  • I had felt the question coming.
  • She had felt that she was going into exile.
  • He had felt that he was doing a noble thing.
  • He had felt her hand tremble.
  • One had felt it coming for some time.
  • She had felt that he was something remarkable.
  • Of late he had felt no such pleasure.
  • I had felt certain for a good while.
  • Where he had felt such perfect pleasure once.
  • She had felt all along that this must be.
  • Suddenly she had felt her popularity dwindling.
  • His stomach had felt queasy.
  • This was the gallop of which he had felt a need!
  • She never had felt so with her own kind.
  • Letty from the beginning had felt her formidable.
  • It was the first time he had felt such a sensation.

How To Use Had Felt In A Sentence?

  • At once he had felt the tingle of the paralyzing ray.
  • He had felt the back of books on the shelves.
  • Somehow he had felt that it would not really happen.
  • Brightling had felt better towards night.
  • She was feeling happier than she had felt in her life.
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