Had Passed In A Sentence

How To Use Had Passed In A Sentence?

  • Ten minutes had passed.
  • All his own fear had passed.
  • The moment had passed.
  • Who were these men that had passed him?
  • Something had passed from the world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Had Passed | Had Passed Sentence

  • What had passed between them?
  • Perhaps it was she who had passed him.
  • What had passed between them?
  • He had passed through that.
  • Urquhart had passed on.
  • He had passed them by.
  • Several days had passed by.
  • Winter had passed and gone.
  • Three days had passed.
  • She told her just what had passed.
  • But how instantly it had passed!
  • The time had passed.
  • The other had passed out of his life.
  • Mackie had passed in both portions.
  • Meanwhile the king had passed by.
  • The danger had passed.
  • The night had passed.
  • It was here that look had passed between them.
  • Her luck she had passed on to him!
  • Through what a day he had passed!
  • The thing itself had passed.
  • Not an incident had passed me.
  • His uneasiness had passed.
  • He wondered if it had passed.
  • Already they had passed into the afternoon.
  • After what had passed he had dared!
  • The weeks had passed.
  • And for her and him the ordeal had passed.
  • Surely something had passed me?
  • Another hour had passed.
  • Ten minutes had passed.
  • They had passed the breakers!
  • The crisis had passed.
  • Some weeks had passed.
  • The time for that had passed.
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