Had Planned In A Sentence

How To Use Had Planned In A Sentence?

  • The whole was carried out exactly as Hereward had planned.
  • Mr. Larkin had planned a checkmate in two moves.
  • I had planned to devote lot No. 2 to a piggery.
  • That was what Hawk Carse had planned.
  • And as I had planned I then accomplished.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Had Planned | Had Planned Sentence

  • I had planned for it.
  • Michael had planned it so.
  • But she did what she had planned.
  • Porter had planned well.
  • Jan had planned well.
  • What the rascal had planned.
  • All was happening as he had planned.
  • He had planned how he would do this.
  • I had planned all my movements.
  • He had planned it in a way very different.
  • I had planned to go away.
  • Yet she had planned a moment when he should know.
  • He had planned everything carefully.
  • The act gave them excuse for what they had planned to do.
  • Will had planned what he called a little junket.
  • She loves the man and she had planned to meet him.
  • He had planned out moves for the game he had to play.
  • For this occasion they had planned a new form of attack.
  • It had all come out just as she had planned, except this.
  • Lindy had planned every move that he was going to make.
  • He had planned too well, however.
  • I had planned great work for to-day.
  • He had planned a brace of rolls and a bottle of milk.
  • The visit to the salt mine we had planned for the next day.
  • He had planned to take a new job for a long time.
  • I did as I had planned.
  • As they had planned, the run home was made by moonlight.
  • Cassy had planned nothing lean or fat, nothing whatever.
  • Nothing has turned out as I had planned.
  • Austin had planned a September tour.
  • But Elizabeth was not there, as she had planned.
  • I thought you had planned to remain in Turin?
  • But I had planned my home-coming to be a surprise to you.
  • Everything was done the next day as Bathilde had planned.
  • On this occasion I had planned my route deliberately.
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