Had Served In A Sentence

How To Use Had Served In A Sentence?

  • It was he who had served the table at which had sat the unsuspicious detective superintendent.
  • Its unexpected appearance there had served to break the current of his meditations.
  • His extensive knowledge had served but to lead him in the wrong direction.
  • The lessons of the war were fresh in the minds of those who had served as military surgeons.
  • But he stuck to his old trick of playing dead which had served him so well more than once before.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Had Served | Had Served Sentence

  • They had served him well.
  • Maril had served as passenger only.
  • It had served its turn.
  • It had served its purpose.
  • He had served her with the most perfect integrity.
  • It had served him well in the past.
  • They had served him well in the past.
  • Men said of him that he had served his master well.
  • The cup of tea had served to waken him.
  • A human corpse had served for my pillow.
  • She had served him well by bringing him this far.
  • So her flag had served little purpose after all!
  • Compeyson had served out his term, and was now free.
  • Ayesha had served us faithfully for six weeks.
  • A float which lay on the water had served as a stage.
  • But he was hardly missed, he had served his purpose.
  • She had served the tin gods in temples of gold and jade.
  • He had served nearly ten months of a four year sentence.
  • Both of them had served before with Rogers.
  • Meanwhile Neb had served breakfast in the cabin.
  • The latter had served at Manila and knew his business.
  • In serving featly his God he had served loyally his king.
  • Money had served with Wetter; it would not serve here.
  • Flynn had served in India with the British army.
  • For at one time Donald had served in the French army.
  • I wish I had served that fellow up there the same, Nancy.
  • She had served.
  • In all this time she had served her faithfully and lovingly.
  • And this accursed business of the hasheesh had served his ends.
  • The waitresses were gathered about the one who had served the stranger.
  • But now the actinic lights that had served as artificial suns were dark.
  • Kitty had served merely to enliven his tender recollections of her mother.
  • The key that had served to open the door was found in the lane.
  • They were drinking soda and talking to a young girl who had served them.
  • For the last year and a half this room had served as headquarters.
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