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  • His passion had spent itself.
  • But now the fuel had spent its force.
  • Theodora had spent a sleepless night.
  • They had spent their honeymoon in a tent.
  • And after the tumult of tears had spent themselves?
  • Goddard had spent a sleepless night.
  • And that week was as the time they had spent there before.
  • They had spent the morning in rehearsing.
  • Twenty years she had spent abroad!
  • He was not even certain where she had spent the night.
  • They had each had three hundred and had spent only fifty.
  • Jean had spent all her life with people older than herself.
  • He knew that she had spent a sleepless night.
  • She had spent it, but now she could have it again.
  • After it had spent all its force it gave up in despair.
  • They had spent a delightful evening together.
  • Vita had spent most of her time gazing out of the window.
  • I cast the blood my pain had spent.
  • I myself had spent all my money except a few thalers.
  • Grace had spent much thought on the dining-room.
  • Gallardo had spent two weeks in enforced rest.
  • He had spent four hours in reasoning with his friend.
  • He had spent his honeymoon in rapt and unreal fashion.
  • Redmayne, who had spent his whole life there.
  • The minister waited till her fury had spent itself.
  • Marion had spent her vacation time in a profitable manner.
  • They had spent hours investigating books and papers.
  • The trifling sum paid to her on dismissal she had spent.
  • We had spent the whole day in wet clothes.
  • The poor girl had spent most of her night crying.
  • He remembered a glorious day that he had spent as a boy!
  • To perfect this great work he had spent twenty years.
  • For herself, she had spent the happiest day of her life.
  • Oh, was this the way he had spent the hours of the night?
  • He waited till the storm had spent its first fury.

How To Use Had Spent In A Sentence?

  • A large portion of it she had spent, but some yet remains.
  • All the rest he had spent on Elspeth.
  • Pamela and Judith had spent most of the afternoon there.
  • We had spent a week in Chevregny.
  • She had spent a week of insomnia, seeing horrible visions.
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